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 Early Church History Research (a few sites)

[b]Writings of the Early Church Fathers [/b]

[b]Guide to Early Church Documents[/b]

Brethren at SI,

I would definetly recommend for anyone that is searching for the truth to spend some time in early church history, there is much to be gleamed and its amazing the picture of "church" that you see there. I am sure it will deepen also any earnest Christian in their walk with the Lord.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Early Church History Research (a few sites)

Thank you brother for those great links.

You may want to add the following ones:

(By the way is a tremendous site!)

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Here is one I ran across [url=][/url] I know there has to be more good ones out there. Everyone should post ones they know of.

Josh Parsley

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 Re: Early Church History Research (a few sites)

Hi Greg,

Good timining and thank-you for the superb links. I have been listening to a really good series on the book of Colossians by Chuck Missler. Interesting how he highlights the fact how God the Holy Spirit addressed the problem of Gnosticism, which was only to become a problem a century or two later.

St. Iraneus, St Hippoclytus, St. Jerome discussed the views of a believer by the name of Basilides who had originated a really heretical theology.

I was most startled to find that the name 'Abraxas' cropped up in Basilides' doctrine. In my years of shame, before God translated me into the Kingdom of His dear Son our Lord, I had worshipped a diety by the same name, and was at the point of giving up on my physical life in pursuit of unity with it. The name traces back to the enemy.

I am genuinely interested in understanding the impact and origins of Gnosticism. Though it is an ancient problem, dating back to Eden, it seems to be raising its ugly horns again. Well, I am not sure of this, but am interested to learn if there has been any current preaching on this?

It is always so important to abide in the Doctrine of Christ.

In Jesus,

Eric John Sawyer

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