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 The New Life Mission in Korea??

Anyone have any insight into the ministry of Paul C. Jong from The New
Life Mission in Seoul, Korea?

Here is some brief info:

As the founder and leader of The New Life Mission, Rev. Jong have
devoted himself to Christian literature ministries from the beginning.

Main titles of his works have been translated and printed into over 51
major languages at this point and distributed to over 150 countries
throughout the world. He started this series in order to enlighten
many Christians on the true Gospel that saves every soul who has been
confused and deceived by Satan for a long time.

His books give the Biblical answers to the inscrutable questions of
today's Christianity, and drive the spiritual confusions out of their
heart. And his series shows how to be born again of water and the
Spirit, how to receive the remission of sins once and for all, and
what the true indwelling of the Holy Spirit is. God allows many
Christians to be saved from all their sins and receive the indwelling
of the Holy Spirit by illuminating the world with the torch of the
true Gospel,aiming a direct searchlight at this perishing world of
imminent end.

Thanks SI,

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 Re: The New Life Mission in Korea??

I would stay away from these teachings by this man it appears doing a quite internet search that he is a part of the "Metro Manila Christian Church cult" which orginates from the Boston Church of Christ movement which is very heretical.

here is an article on this man:

[b]The Gospel of Paul C. Jong and The New Life Mission[/b]

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Great thank you Greg

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