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 Zac Poonen's "TEN COMMANDMENTS" on Money


SI what are your thoughts on the following:

We must reveal our financial needs only to God

"God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus" (Phil.4:19).

Full-time Christian workers must trust God for all their financial needs and must reveal those needs only to Him. God will then prompt His children to supply their needs . They must not live "by faith in God and hints to other believers", as many live today.

"The Lord directed those who proclaim the gospel to get their living from the gospel" (1 Cor.9:14).

So those who serve the Lord full-time are permitted to receive gifts from other believers. But they must never receive a salary . There is a vast difference between gifts and a salary. Gifts cannot be demanded, whereas a salary can be demanded. Here lies the cause for the backslidden condition of most Christian churches and institutions today.

We must however, never receive any gifts for our personal or family use from people who are poorer than us. If such people give us gifts, we must either give the money away to someone poorer than them or put the money into the offering-box for the Lord's work.

Here are "TEN COMMANDMENTS" on money that all full-time workers will do well to take heed to:

1. Never make your financial needs known to anyone but God (Phil.4:19).

2. Never accept money from unbelievers (3 John 7).

3. Never expect any gifts from anyone (Psa.62:5).

4. Never allow anyone to control you or influence your ministry by giving you money.

5. Never accept money from those who don't receive your ministry.

6. Never accept money for your personal or family needs, from anyone poorer than you.

7. Never be dependent on any man for your financial needs.

8. Never handle God's money in a way that would cause others to suspect mishandling (2 Cor.8:20,21).

9. Never be excited when you receive money.

10. Never be depressed when you lose money.

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 Re: Zac Poonen's "TEN COMMANDMENTS" on Money

Hi brother(?) repentcanada,

That is what is called faith and trusting God. If it has been ordained by God, He will supply the need. This is my take on it:

Hans Prang

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These are very good rules to live by for those who are in full time ministry. These are hard words but require a dependence and faith in God, which is essential to those who are involved in ministry. We are going through a very dry period financially in our ministry lately, but I take all these principle to heart and depend solely on God. God is faithful to continually remind us that it is His ministry not ours and if He wants it to stand it will stand and if He doesn’t then He has another purpose in His greater wisdom for us to fulfill as obedient servants. I have personally witnessed fish and bread miracles and seen God supply for needs in miraculous ways (not wants - in fact, He continually strips and denies our wants and desires). Jesus said blessed are the poor and God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith, thank you and praise you Jesus for blessing us and the ministry you have blessed us with in such a manner. I hope and pray that God continues to bless our family and His ministry in such a manner and keeps us utterly dependant upon Him for our basic needs and thus rich in faith. Our faith in God and His wisdom to provide our basic needs and provisions MUST be part of the foundation upon which He builds the ministries He entrusts us with!

Patrick Ersig

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