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 Anybody got $5.00????

This is a variation on something that I read a few years ago, I can’t remember who said it first, but I just wanted to share it with ya’ll.

Isn’t strange, when you only have $5.00 for groceries that it is not much money?
But when we’ve got stacks of cash, helping others with a $5 seems like a bunch, ain’t that funny?
Isn’t it strange that when the Rock Band comes to town front row is the place you want to be?
Yet on Sunday morning you race to the very last seat, quick as can be?
Isn’t it strange that you can sit still for Pearl Harbor for 3 hours?
But have to get up twice in service because of a tiny bladder?
I find it amusing that we can clap and shout for a man that runs in a circle when with a stick he hits a ball!
But we sit on our hand and nod our heads when some one mentions how Jesus died and rose for all!
We can stay up for hours on end watching movies we’ve seen 100 times over!
But when it comes to the Word, we turn out the light and roll over.
The world is a mixed up, crazy place to be,
kingdom livin’ is the life for me.
Where the last is first and the first is last,
where we give up our lives to make God glad.
Seeking to lose, we save what was never really ours
May we cease looking at the twinkle and be in awe of the stars.

God’s best to you!


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 Re: Anybody got $5.00????

when I was living on one meal a day a few years ago, $5.00 actually was a lot of money, that was gas for the day and a pack of cigarettes (bad habit I have stopped, it also helped curb my appetite though). I remember when $15 could be my whole grocery shopping for the week (lots of ramen).

by the way, all I've got in bank and cash is $5 and some pennies, but God is good, He is sufficient and always provides from His invisible resources.


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