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 Marriage Amendment vote in Texas

If you live in Texas, please take note. On November 8, 2005, there will be "Proposition 2" on the ballot "Proposing a constitutional amendment providing that marriage in this state consists only of the union of one man and one woman." It must be approved by a majority of Texans for this to become a part of the Texas Constitution, which would remove the issue from the jurisdiction of judges on the courts who have struck down Defense of Marrieage acts that other states have passed as simple bills and not as constitutional amendments. Just wanted to pass this along.

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 Re: Marriage Amendment vote in Texas

You can count on my vote, man I never thought in my lifetime we would be voting on something like this, well if I know most Texans you folks that want to marry the same sex you might want to start packing early for Massachusetts. ;-)

Mr. Bill

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