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 Tozer and Nee do not conflict

Tozer and Nee don't conflict at all.

If you have read other books by Nee you will se that he talks about both, the "objective" and "subjective" experience. He is not conflicting with something that Tozer said, he is simply saying that First we must have faith and walk in the belief that the Holy Spirit has been sent to us. But the Actual Experience-subjective experience-will come as a result of the Faith in the fact that the Holy Spirit is available to us trough the Glorification of Jesus Christ. and he is right, because without Faith we can't get anything from God. "And he could not do many sings among them because of there lack of Faith."(Mark3) Tozer doesn't deny Nee. He like Nee( If you finish the 8th chapter) knows that the holy Spirit comes to a life of Full surrender, It is only when we have been emptied of ourselves, and come to an end of ourselves that the power of Holy Spirit will rest in us. Nee Mentions Charles Finney in his book, and we who have read it know how it happened to him.

Let me hear your thoughts on that,

For Truth,
Paulo Santos

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 Re: Tozer and Nee do not conflict

Hi Paulo Santos,

You mentioned the chapter but I didn’t see the title of the book.

Edit - I didn't realize that this was a carry-over from Nee vs. Tozer. I hadn't followed that thread, that's why I guessed the title of the book.

When I read your observations I concluded that you were quoting from The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee. It is in this book that Nee talks about and quotes Torrey’s experience with the Holy Spirit. It is actually this book that led me to questioning the “subjective” experience that Nee talks about. When we deal with matters of the Holy Spirit, we CANNOT only use the experience and opinion of very gifted men, we need the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit to “test” them. It is true that the gifts of the Holy Spirit differ, for they are given as the writer of Hebrews writes in Hebrews 2:4

God also testifying with them, both by signs and wonders and by various miracles and by gifts of the Holy Spirit according to His own will.

It is for exactly this reason that we should question the doctrine that “filling of the Holy Spirit,” often equated with “baptizing in the Holy Spirit,” is demonstrated by speaking in tongues. The Holy Spirit gives them according to HIS OWN WILL, not because we insist that all should! Even the “anointing” to preach, unless done according to the whole counsel of God, can be suspect. Just consider the advance of Islam in many countries.

Please don’t misunderstand me; I am NOT suggesting that the experiences of Moody or Torrey were not real. All I am saying is that we far too easily accept things from “anointed” teachers – often self, or man, proclaimed – as truth. When I read chapter 8 of this book by Nee, I do see quite a difference.

What the Lord has very strongly laid on my heart is that when “Christ is in you,” He by His Spirit will lead you to cry out Abba! Father! If this doesn’t happen, by whose spirit were you adopted?

Hans Prang

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