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Hi bubbaguy...!

I don't think that any homosexuality within the animal kingdom points to a genetic disposition toward homosexuality. I think that it points to the fact that animals enjoy sexual contact. I have always felt that most homosexual men and women are not actually [i]attracted[/i] to the same sex -- but rather to the attention, feelings, or sexual stimulation that they found provided from someone of the same sex. After that, they search for the same feelings among what is familiar to them.

In heterosexual relationships, this is called "concept attraction." This is what happens when a person finds happiness in a particular person, and after the relationship ends, they are attracted to that same particular type of woman (brunette, blond, thin, hispanic, etc...). Thus, they identify that "happiness" (or pleasure) with a particular experience. It has nothing to do with an innate biological urge -- other than physical or psychological lust.

I met a guy here at school who confided to me that he believed that he was a homosexual. He was sincerely asking for prayer. He never publically professed a homosexual lifestyle, but he did behave with a very feminine demeanor. He only came to me because he told me that he trusted me, and that I wouldn't reveal his situation or name to others at the school.

He explained to me that he had been raped as a teen by a man at a hotel or apartment complex. But he said that he felt that he may have enjoyed the experience. I told him that he did not enjoy the experience of a man -- but rather the experience of pleasure from sexual arousal (even though it came from a man). He was confusing this desire for sexual pleasure with sexual attraction or even love. I explained that the root of such sin is [i]lust[/i]. If a person takes care of [i]lust[/i], then the problem is dealt with fully.

This young man sincerely gave his heart to Christ -- and is currently dating a wonderful christian girl.



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