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 St. Francis of Assisi quote

I saw this and thought some here would like to see it:

"Preach the gospel at all times and, when necessary, use words."

St. Francis of Assisi


 2005/10/7 17:18

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 Re: St. Francis of Assisi quote

Preach the gospel at all times and, when necessary, use words."

If only we would realize how little our words mean to unbelievers. They can see right through them - and can smell hypocrisy from a long way off.
But they can sure see if our faith is real, including our love for others.

If we would do our job, and let the Spirit do his job, then think what a difference that would make in our world!



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Amen Diane and Jake.

Not only do people smell hypocrisy, they count on it. It could be argued that, in the age of information, words no longer contain sufficient reality in them to convey the Gospel. Incarnational symbols from our lives are needed.

The Gospel is a word-born virus, but it needs living hosts to survive and thrive.


Mike Compton

 2005/10/7 18:08Profile

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