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 brother ccchhhrrriiisss / western wall / Matt 24

Hi to you, Chris ... Just wanted to pick up on the discussion from weeks ago on the Western Wall/Wailing Wall, having neglected to re-visit that thread ( it was on a hurricane thread ).

You shared a lot of links to various sources of info about this wall that people still pray to.

I couldn't quote you the various sources I've digested that have all suggested that this was built by Herod, as an "outer" deal .... to 'buttress' the Temple courts area, itself ( and to aggrandize the overall scene toward over-aweing ) - rather than it being built by someone actually led of Jehovah.

I'm with you in that we ought always be ready to question "church traditions" on things like this ... however, it just seems the Spirit himself testifies to my heart that this indeed is an irrelevant wall - one that Jews so typically, and so tragically pray toward ( rather than praying to Him ).

Born-again Christians have even gone and prayed "to" this wall ... inserting slips of paper with prayers upon it, which is quite stupid.

The wall shouts ICHABOD to anyone with spiritual ears and a spiritual smell.

[i]even if this remnant were of the actual temple itself, built in the 6th century return from babylon[/i] ... it still would have [u]NO glory[/u] ( zero, zilch. nada - 2 Cor 3:10 ) - compared to [b]the surpassing Glory - in Christ,[/b] ourselves as [u]His Temple[/u]

you said:

Some state emphatically that this wall was built by Herod in 20 B.C., and others state emphatically that the wall was part of the rebuilt Temple of Ezra.

Regardless of whether this wall was one that was rebuilt by Herod or Ezra (or even Solomon),
[b]it was standing when Jesus was walking away from the Temple with his disciples.[/b] [u]It even appears that Jesus was speaking about the entire [b]Temple area[/b][/u] when he spoke this prophecy: [ of Matt 24:2

And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one
stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down. ]

Bro Chris , to me, this adds 'confusion' ...this question that today, this prophecy is left un-fulfilled.

The preterists go to the opposite end of the spectrum and try to say that the prophecy was fulfilled - AND ALL PROPHECY was fulfilled in AD 70 with the temple's destruction.

That's way off the deep-end, and leaves them blind as to the happenings the Lord is bringing unto the earth even now ... and in the future Tribulation.

But the question of whether the Lord Jesus meant the "temple area" or just the "temple" itself, to me, adds [b]"Confusion[/b]" ( BABYLON ) to our seeing of His purpose in [u]the meaning[/u] of allowing the Temple's destruction.

The pathway you're broaching adds "dust" to the question of clear seeing, to my view of it. It adds validation to religious Jews who might say " we're on a right basis, praying to this wall, which was built under Ezra's time."

To me, by the Spirit - IT CLICKS, utterly ... that the same people who historically have neglected and even despised the name "Jesus" .. would be the same ones who would also venerate the wall of [b]a bastard ( Herod )[/b]

These Jews, who are of the same spirit of their ancestors who shouted "Crucify him " ..... are more in accord with Herod, an illegitimate Bastard King .... than with the Spirit of Truth & their Only King - Christ our Lord.

Scripture teaches us what is and is not a true Jew, according to God's seeing ( heart-circumcision, not fleshly ).

It adds up, to me.

To say that because that wall currently stands today ...& it means that the Lord's prophecy is unfulfilled and we ought keep watch today for the rest of what He prophesied ( 24:4-44 ) .. doesn't make a difference ( I'm keeping watch one way or the other )

The issue of "the wall still standing" might only serve to refute the "preterist" ... who is not keeping watch, I think ... but to me, it's just another red-herring.

in Christ,

bro baruch

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