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We have practically turned this thread into a witch hunt. I would motion that it be locked.

David Reynolds

 2005/10/8 21:41Profile

 Re: 2 cents worth

I think it is worth repeating from p2 of this thread, that sermonindex (Greg Gordon, site owner) said:

I know there is many bad things happening in the pms that [b]I don't read. I probably could but that would be an invasion of privacy[/b].

We need to trust Greg's word on this.

Also, I would say, if you were the person who needed Greg to back you up in a legal case, because of something which had transpired through naive or malicious use of pms, you'd be glad he had the facility to read exactly what had been said privately.

His potential access to pms is a safety mechansism which, just like we trust him not to abuse, he trusts us not to attract undue attention to our pms by our misuse of the facility.

Even if Greg could not investigate our mail, the Audience of One (thanks, Jesse) is always reading what we write, and searching in our hearts to find [i]an increase[/i] there, of the righteousness He died to make available to us.

This doesn't mean we stop being natural and human but rather we aspire that our naturalness and humanity become more like His.

I have learned a lot about how to use or not use pms since I came to this site, but I take it all as part of my growth as a Christian. Please don't leave this post thinking that I think 'I've arrived'.... Travelling.... that's more like it.

 2005/10/9 7:01

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cccchhhhhhrrrriissss, did you get Matt 18:15 also? another way Jesus teaches us how to rebuke in love a right way. any serious talk can be seen as confrontational or even judgmental, but we prayerfully do our best even if misunderstandings come along.

(Matt 18:15-17 "If your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private; if he listens to you, you have won your brother. But if he does not listen to you, take one or two more withyou, so that by the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses every fact may be confirmed. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.


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 "Believe what I believe, or else...!!!"

Hi rocklife...!

Thank you! That is a wonderful passage when confronting a brother or sister in [u]sin[/u]. The problem is that many people apply that same passage when having a [i]doctrinal dispute[/i] with someone.

Unfortunately, I've noticed a divisive attitude that often seems to interfere with discussing certain doctrinal beliefs.

I am a believer. I met the Lord while walking out in a field one night at a summer camp as a teen -- and then began my pilgrimage with the Lord. The very next day, I began diligently seeking and spending time with God through prayer and through the Word. After having studied the Word of God sincerely, I developed certain beliefs about various issues.

Over time, I have remained convinced of many of these issues. Time and continued study have only served to strengthen such beliefs. But I have also noticed that some of those beliefs have eroded. Now, I am not talking about what is obvious from the Word of God. I am talking about issues that are often debated -- sometimes within the same local Church. My opinion (or stand) on such issues has waivered as I viewed such issues with greater understanding from God's Word. This is to be expected. As you grow, and the more often you honestly and open-heartedly spend time in God's presence, you begin to hear much more clearly. Why, then, is there still so much doctrinal conflict between sincere believers?

There are many different believers that frequent SermonIndex. As they enter the forums, they bring many doctrinal beliefs with them. There are:

Pentecostals & non-pentecostals
Tongues talkers & non-tongue talkers
"Christian" rockers & "non-Christian" rockers
KJV only & non-KJV only
Once Saved/Always Saved & non once saved/always saved
Pre-trib & Post-trib
Single Judgment & Multiple Judgments
"TBN is good" & "TBN is bad"
"Preacher so-and-so" is good & "Preacher so-and-so" is bad
Conservative & Liberal
America is Babylon & America might not be Babylon
Watching the Discovery Channel is okay & watching the Discovery Channel is wrong

There are issues that I used to be convinced of -- only to later realize the "error of my way." Time and study have changed my understanding of certain issues. But that is good. The Bible instructs us to "test everything" (I Thessalonians 5:21). We sometimes will change beliefs -- realizing that what we once thought was [u]sure[/u] was wrong. If we continue to spend time with the Lord, we are daily being molded into [u]His[/u] image and likeness.

The problem comes when people that are convinced about an issue begin to treat others with a spiritually prideful attitude. There are people who have a very vocal "I'm right & you're wrong" attitude on many controversial matters. Some even become convinced that if you don't agree with their particular doctrinal position, you will spend an eternity in Hell. They forget that they too may not have held that same doctrinal belief as a young believer.

I believe that we should be patient with one another in matters of doctrine. Yes, there are some things that are spiritually self-evident. But there are some people who are willing to [u]sever[/u] fellowship with a brother or sister in Christ over an interpretation about a particular Scripture (even about something as silly as the [i]true[/i] meaning behind "the big toe on the right foot of the beast in Revelation").

It is my prayer that believers on this forum will continue to be patient and understanding with one another. In times of doctrinal conflict, we should share our particular beliefs in love. If someone still disagrees, then we can still encourage one another in the faith. We can pray that God will reveal the truth -- even if He needs to reveal it to ourself.

As true believers, there are things that we can [u]all[/u] agree on. This includes things like the need for salvation, prayer, worship, holiness, hatred for sin, winning the lost, etc... But on other issues, we must remember that we are all pilgrims, progressing on the same road that leads to eternal life. Some are just starting out -- while others are nearing the end of this road. We should pray about our conversations with one another as we travel. Regardless of disagreements, we must still [u]encourage[/u] one another along this road.



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