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 Our Sinful Nature and the Devil

I have witnessed the devil or demons sent by the devil possess a child. It is the most horrible experience the doctors said it is a chemical imbalance in the brain, however all the chemical levels in the body are what they should be. Where did this come from? Would it be from not being grounded in the lord? This child read the entire bible by the time he was eight. He attended military school founded on christian beliefs for 4 years. He is compassionate to people and animals. He loves life and other people, yet I have seen the devil invade his body. I need an exocist for this child. Do people really believe in demon possession as written in the bible? I do.

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 Re: Our Sinful Nature and the Devil

Dear Didi,

If you don't mind, read my posts on "What kind of counsel." You find this in the Lounge. My posts start on the top of page 4. You may get some answers to your question from these.

I will gladly talk more about this if you wish; if you have more questions that is.

God bless you.

Hans Prang

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 Re: Our Sinful Nature and the Devil

There is insight from Nicky Cruz on this area of spiritual activity, in his book 'Devil on the Run'.

I do believe, after being in bondages for many years, there is a spiritual effect on the physcial body. Sometimes this is instantly rectified; others, it will return to normal over time, after the Lord is engaged with the soul for its restoration.

Leanne Payne believes it is vital to have the possessed (or oppressed) person's genuine intent to be freed, before embarking on prayer to send away a demon.

But I would add, it cannot harm to pray for that person's deliverance and for their heart and mind to desire a closer relationship with God.

 2005/10/1 14:34

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