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 Re: Our most treasured idol


I'm not wishing to cut across the previous post, but rather to add, from a friend of mine who is a psychologist. how he explained 'ego' to me.... It is the faculty which [i]negotiates[/i] between what the 'child' wants and the 'adult' can have.

When I learned this, I realised I'd always had the impression 'ego' was somehow wrong or bad. But in fact, understood this way, bringing the ego to a mature balance, is necessary for an adult to function agreeably in most scenarios, even if that negotiated [i]compromise[/i] is always nearby. The important thing is to have understood the terms of the negotiation and be willing to live with them.

(If this cuts across someone else's way of explaining it, please feel free to expound more clearly, thanks)

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 Re: Alas

Alas, my sisters ... Mis-understandings are the things that are so frequent on discussion boards ... and I wish I had posted my "clarification" about what I mean on "being heard" here .... instead of accidentally clicking " start new thread" and submitting it as a new thread.

Here it is, but perhaps you've read it:

[url=]clarification on being heard[/url]

You should know I didn't mean what your last few posts were implying - that folks ought not speak their heart about their needs, heartaches, etc

It's not that one ought not start a thread, for fear of it not edifying.

What I'm speaking of is seeing somebody else's post and [i]needing to give one's opinion[/i] .... often in an unChrist-like manner .. out of the ego's need to be right

And if we can say, all of our own threads and posts have been to 'edify only' ...
then maybe we've 'arrived' ... but I think it may be unfair to put that on us,
as we have young in the Lord here, that may feel, if they post, they may just be posting "to be heard".

I'm not against "being heard" in this sense, Annie

And we're all here to also listen to each other and hear each other out ... or at least we should be.

I fully agree .... I was talking against "needing to be right" and heard in our 'opinions', Sister.


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 Re: Our Most Treasured Idol

Dear Diane,

I agree. Being "right" all the time is a dangerous mindset to have. It is a lesson I have learned the hard way, and I am still learning.

Something that I think is interesting: "Righteous" has the word "right" in it. You could say then, to be "right" all the time is to be "righteous." A person that is right all the time on thier own account is "self-righteous."

As Christians, however, we are made righteous through Jesus Christ. I guess you could say then, we are made right by Jesus.

By this, we realize that we are wrong and Jesus is right. And thus, we always submit unto His authority. More or less, we make Jesus our God, and have no other idols.

A person who is self-rightness or self-righteous however will does indeed have an idol. Their idol is their self. Which means they are worshipping thier self above God.

Some thoughts to ponder....

Thanks for sharing,

Blake Kidney

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I'll just reiterate that my thoughts on being heard were in line with most thoughts expressed on Diane's "Opinion is Sin / Yes or No"

especially Annie's statements against speaking from mere opinion:


I vote yes. Because "opinions" are what we decide to believe and not what "thus saith the Lord", on any given issue. At least that was
the meaning I had in mind when first bringing this up (And you dared me first speedbump :).

One of the verses that sort of popped out at me, before I actually formulated this into a thought was ... 1Pe 4:11 If any man speak, let
him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may
be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

Also Gal 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the
flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

There are others too, but for brevity here, this hit me as I saw posters on other forums using the words, "Well, I think..." and yet, if you
asked them 'why', they couldn't give a Scripture reference or any sound source for their opinion.

Another thing that put me into this way of thinking, is when I read from the Greek Dictionaries, that the definition of "heresy and
heresies" is, "The 'opinion' CHOSEN" and "CHOICE".

So that means that EVERYTHING we believe is based upon our own CHOICE.
To me, that's Heavy-duty.

But I believe the worst of it, is when people come into a Church or wherever other Christians are and have questions, or maybe even
some pain on the inside and Ask others to give them council, and what will they get ?

Normally more pain or confusion ... from countless Opinions, rather than as 1Peter4:11 says for us to do above.

We're quick to give opinions, but how often can we say with Scriptural backing and an inward assurance that we are "speaking the very
oracles of God" direct from His Holy Spirit ?
Only the Holy Spirit can heal, but we can just jump in there with our "minds" and the consequences can be devastating, especially to a
young person or new convert or the hurting.

I think in doctrine and counciling others, this is critical.

Our "doctrine" we are told, is to be "sound". No room for opinions.

When I'm not sure, I try to remember to say, "I guess" or something similar... but if it's a crucial counciling type question, I wait a good
while before I answer and most times just pray, that God will use someone else to answer straight from the throne, because I know how
the wrong advice to someone who is hurting can hurt all the more .

Maybe cuz I've been on the receiving end also.

Does this clear up why I stated this "opinion" of mine, as someone had challenged it as being 'just' that, on the other thread ?

I'll have to remember to counter-dare you again someday Diane

And also Diane here,

May God help us! In other words, shooting off opinions about something we’ve not
bothered to research or investigate is immensely dangerous. Yes. It gets to be a very bad
habit – and soon doesn’t even feel wrong. … Could be the beginnings of heresies and
cult-like religion… and a lot of wounding:

When people come into a Church or wherever other Christians have questions, or
maybe even some pain on the inside and Ask others to give them council, and
what will they get?
Normally more pain or confusion ... from countless Opinions…

Normally ... Sadly, this has become the norm more than the exception.

When I am more eager to express my opinions (even undisputable doctrines)
than I am to LISTEN to my sister or brother I have missed the mark (ie
sinned). I have failed to love as Christ defined love.

A teacher of psychiatry, taught: First spend a lot of time listening. Then if you have
something to say first ask yourself: “Does it need to be said? Is it helpful?” If not, then
don’t say it. If it should be said, then say it in ten words or less

I hate misunderstandings

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