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 Soldiers Spooked By New Orleans Spirits

Got this by email, today!


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 Re: Soldiers Spooked By New Orleans Spirits



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I'm sure there is a lot of demonic activity where there is death and destruction.

Josh Parsley

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Half way through the video posted below, one of the soldiers interviewed made a curiously crusaded comment. "This is indeed a dark city and we're bringing the light. You know wherever the soldiers go there goes the Word of God."

Mike Compton

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These people actually believe that America is “Christian” nation with a “Christian” army doing the work of God on the earth. Your right, this is extremely dangerous and very crusaded in nature. I remember when Bush referred to America as a “city on a hill that could not be hidden and a light to the world”. I was moved to tears - I not sure it was tears of laughter or sorrow - maybe both. The “Christian Coalition / Pat Robertson” types really have these people duped. It’s pretty scary and extremly sad when you think about it.

The Kingdom of God has nothing to do with earthly kingdoms.

Patrick Ersig

 2005/9/29 13:45Profile


Haha, I loved it. I loved how a solider spoke the name of Christ. I guess his platoon or Squad was a Christ-believing one. Awesome. I've had encounter with demons, not plesent but they GREW me into the person in Christ who I am today.

This video actually made my day. Gracias.

*(I hope some of you don't like think im 'sick' or something, I just feel really called also to delieverance, not just the youth.)*

 2005/9/29 13:59

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