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 There Is A Love [Poem]

Poetry is an art I find both pleasant and painful to read. It is also an art I attempt to practice myself. It’s been a while since I wrote a poem and was inspired to do so today. This is actually a poem that has been on my heart for months now and I was finally able to get it on paper. I pray it serves as a blessing to the Body of Christ.

[b]There Is A Love[/b]

There is a love comes from on high
That fills God’s people below
It brings them joy as well as sighs
And fills until it flows

There is a love that counts no cost
In reaching the dying masses
Through eyes compassionate it sees the lost
And labors while time passes

There is a love, the heart it breaks
For this world quickly dying
Internal pains and lasting aches
It sets the soul to crying

There is a love that hates all sin
And delights in holy living
It speaks the Word, the lost to win
For the One who is forgiving

- J.M.

 2005/9/29 0:10

 Re: There Is A Love [Poem]

One can tell that 'did' come from 'your heart'.

God Bless you Jesse.

You stay in our prayers.


 2005/9/29 0:15

 Re: There Is A Love [Poem]


This is a beautiful expression of truth and your heart. The third verse is where I need to get to and I believe the Lord is taking me there.

In the way you've expressed it, it's obvious when comparing with [u]Walking with Jesus[/u] in the thread 'for the girls...' that Christians do need to find Christ their Great Physician both as they come to Him and as they work for Him, to heal the wounds incurred in service.

Thank you for posting this. It speaks volumes.

 2005/9/29 7:38

Joined: 2005/1/14
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 Re: There Is A Love [Poem]

Great poem. I have found that the more you labor for Christ the more you begin to sense His love in that area you are laboring.

Josh Parsley

 2005/9/29 8:40Profile

Joined: 2005/5/25
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 Re: There Is A Love [Poem]


Your poem is a blessing to me.

With thanks


 2005/10/1 15:00Profile

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 Re: PreachParsly on 2005/9/29

Hi, PreachParsly

Quote:by PreachParsly
I have found that the more you labor for Christ the more you begin to sense His love in that area you are laboring.

How true,

The most Recent events are proving this, the very essence in my faith.

I sense his ever increasing love, compassion, strength, courage, peace, rest, and his presence.

I move on, in my ever continuing hope and his righteousness, exposing and revealing truth.

In the scripture He says, ‘the truth shall set you free’
I received these words to my heart and have lived daily with these words, as His promise to me.

I thank you heavenly Father, for giving us your Son and leaving your Spirit until the work on Earth is done.


All the Glory and Honour and blessing, be unto you Oh Lord.


 2005/10/1 16:50Profile

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 Re: There Is A Love [Poem]

Very good, Jesse, and so true.
Thanks for posting.
May all of us be soul winners.
God Bless you as you labor in His Vineyard.
Nellie :-)

 2005/10/1 19:19Profile

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Amen, Jessie

.. I think of in Genesis 6:6 [ the LORD was grieved that he had made man on the earth,
and his heart was [b]filled with pain[/b] ]

 2005/10/3 8:29Profile

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