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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Jewish persecution of Messianic Jews in Israel. Check this out.

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 Jewish persecution of Messianic Jews in Israel. Check this out.

Check this out.

How does this relate to end time prophesy? Any comments, observations or Scriptures? Is this the beginning of the end? Please pray for these brothers and sisters in Christ.


The Voice Of The Martyrs newsletter Sept. 27, 2005

Public Slurs Taunt Israeli Messianic Jews

On September 12, the Israeli High Court heard a petition from an
ultra-orthodox group, the Gur Hassidim, requesting permission to hold
massive demonstrations outside the home of Polly Sigulim, a Messianic Jew.
Since April 2004, the group has been holding smaller demonstrations weekly
outside her home in Asad. The demonstrations included shouts and insults
against Christians and Jesus. The authorities banned the demonstrations
when the harassment began escalating.

Gur Hassidim has requested permission for a demonstration of 700 people.
The High Court President, Aharon Barak, suggested a compromise of a
250-person demonstration once a year. He ordered the lawyers of the police
and the Hassidim to discuss his idea, but they were unable to reach an
agreement. As a result, a ruling on this matter from the High Court is
expected to be issued soon. According to a September 21 report from Compass
Direct, a Jewish girl became a Christian after reading a New Testament that
was given to her by the Sigulim family. After she turned eighteen and was
baptized, ultra-orthodox Jews began to organize demonstrations in front of
the Sigulim home.

Demonstrations and harassment against Messianic Jews is prevalent in Asad.
A blog posting by Shmulik Eitan recounts the treatment of his sister and her
husband, Yakim Figueras, pastor of the Messianic Jewish congregation in
Asad. Eitan claims that the family experiences abuse almost daily. Stones
are thrown at their home and taunts are shouted at them, such as "Jesus the
bastard," "Nazis" and "filthy Christians." Last year, a chess club operated
by a Christian couple, Eddie and Lura Beckford, was severely damaged after
protestors broke in and lit the facility on fire. On September 17, a
demonstration at the chess club required police intervention after the
demonstrators became unruly. The crowd disbursed only after police
threatened them with arrest.

Pray that the harassment against these families will cease. Pray for the
continued ministry of this congregation in the midst of this turmoil and
adversity. Video footage of the demonstrations being held outside of the
Sigulim home can be viewed at

For more information on difficulties facing Christians in Israel, go to Read Glenn Penner's
September 19 weblog, "Caught in the Middle in the Middle East" for further commentary on the
response of Western Christians to persecution in the region.


Patrick Ersig

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 Re: Jewish persecution of Messianic Jews in Israel. Check this out.

as a Jew, you know what it makes me think about? you know this unrealistic romantic notion that the evangelical church has about the "Jews".......can you imagine what would happen to those who hold such notions if they had some of those chassidim up in their face like in that video?......all that idealized love would turn to hate....can you "Luther late in life"......Jesus is right!!!

Love ya bro Pat......

 2005/9/28 20:18

Joined: 2005/7/20
Posts: 672
Los Angeles, California


I think your right Neil. That video is pretty crazy.

I fixed the links so they work now for anyone who tried them earlier and they didn't work. :-)

Patrick Ersig

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