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 Christianity and Churchianity

[u][b][color=CC0000]Christianity and Churchianity[/color][/b][/u]
We need to understand that these two are different and not the same, it seems to appear the same. Today there is no difference and not known to many because, "having a form of godliness but denying its power." 2Timothy 3:5
Churchianty has the form not the POWER.

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 Re: Christianity and Churchianity

Oh what a rude awakening "churchianity" will receive!! They think because Jesus died for them all is well. They have not a clue that it is IN His Life that they will endure to the end.

the life that he lived qualified him for the death that he died;the dead that he died qualifies you to receive the life that he lived. This is the genius of the gospel. Major Ian Thomas

Let us pray

Eileen Teitsworth

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 Re: Christianity and Churchianity

Hia Samkma,

You know that has articles on what you've brought up here.

I also know you like his site :-).

Brother InTheLight gave us another good website on another board.

I've been on there again tonite and there are many good articles and then went to the "Archives" to find even more.

Maybe you will like it too.

God Bless you and sister dullrainbow. :-D

 2005/9/29 1:33

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Thank you for the link, i will visit it right now!

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