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 Kay Arthur...

What do you all think of Kay Arthurs stuff, particular her Bible Study guides?

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 Re: Kay Arthur...

I find Kay's method of inductive study very helpful. I took the leadership courses, and was taught how to make Scripture say what it is meant to say. I'll never forget the first course I took. The instructor read a verse; then asked the class, "What does it say?' A multitude of subjective answers were given. Then finally someone repeated back WHAT THE VERSE ACTUALLY SAID. That was the correct response. The instructor got the point across: We tend to let our subjective thoughts rule Scripture rather than let Scritpure rule our subjective thoughts.

At the Precepts leadership courses we learned how to lay aside our pre-existing assumptions and let Scripture be out authority.

I think that the Precepts Bible Study is good because it gets us to spend much more time examining Scripture BEFORE making our application. Also it is not a spoonfeeding course - like many Bible Studies are. We are not even allowed to check the opinions and interpretations of others until we have done a thorough work of inductive study ourselves.
I really like using the different colors and symbols to represent various words and concepts. It organizes it all in my mind - and helps me see what the Scripture REALLY SAYS.

When I took the more advanced leadership course, I noticed that the students were much more mature in their ability to study Scripture. You could tell that their study of Scripture through the Precepts courses had really changed them - from the inside out.

We learned to notice WHAT WAS REPEATED OFTEN, study the context, and ultimately notice the wider context - the general message of Scripture on any certain theme. This is an excellent way to avoid taking one pet verse out of context. If a verse seems to say something opposite to most other references to that particular theme, then we learned to take the later while futher examining the apparent 'contradiction'.

I think that the Precepts Bible Study is good because it gets us to spend much more time examining Scripture BEFORE making our asumptions and application.
It is harder work than just reading someone else's comments or footnotes - but it's worth it.

If you are taking the course, and you did not do your homework you are asked not to speak in the discussion time. (If you did, you would just make it obvious to everyone that you did not do your homework)

I have done several courses, and just ordered three more. I need them to keep me sharp.


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