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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Serve God or money?

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 Serve God or money?

I have been thinking carefully how to write. For many years I we have been blessed in many ways... and most Christians in America are more financially wealthy than most people in the rest of the world.

What I have been trying to understand is how we are to serve God and do his work of ministry when we lack financial resources do help preach the gospel to the lost, feed the poor, etc.

It seems like the heathen are very WEALTHY and most evangelical Christians are poor, or struggling , living paycheck-to-paycheck. I understand that God uses our lack to cause us to depend on him more... but currently I'm in a situation where I have a desire to evanglise, reach the lost, but lack the ability to buy resources to do so...

Are we to ask God for money for the purpose of reaching the lost (to buy tracks, food to feed the poor)... Maybe we can discuss this topic of serving God or money and how this works with ministry and God supplying your needs to do the work of ministry.

In Christ,

a Jesus freak

 2005/9/16 23:30Profile

 Re: Serve God or money?

Are we to ask God for money for the purpose of reaching the lost (to buy tracks, food to feed the poor)...

Yes, absolutely.

Most Christians I know live paycheck to paycheck because they are in over their heads in debt. And the heathen appear wealthy, but most of the time they also are in over their heads in debt. DEBT IS NOT WEALTH.

The only debt my wife and I carry is a loan for our van. We do struggle at times, but it's because we made a decision to homeschool our kids, therefore we live on one paycheck. That was a personal decision. We're doing what God called us to do, and He has always come thru for us. I cant tell you how many times an unexpected check showed up in the mail at just the right time.

Many times Christians think money is evil. It is not. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. And if we dont have any money then guess what... remind yourself that it cost nothing (financially) to go to the park and start telling people about Jesus. Tracks are nice, but not necessary.

I dont know if this helped or not...


 2005/9/17 6:01

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The Netherlands

 Re: Serve God or money?

Well I had no experience with ministery or evangelizing and money bussines..
But I did hear something on a Bible study series I went to..

He speaker said that he was in some sort of country and needed transportation.. so he prayed for a jeep or a car or so.. and later on something else came.. small motorcycle'ish thing or so.. (dunno what the english word for that is)

Well he basically said that if you are called to do evangelizing God will provide you with the equipment, things and money neccesary.. Only it happens in His time and on His ways. (like the guy didn't got a car but got a ride on that other thing)

Furthermore he said this.. "God has more money then you can imagine.. He only has to scrape it off the streets" :-P

Being willing to be dependable, waiting for Him, relying on Him and following His will seems crucial to this tho. Perhaps you want to do so something that God doesn't want you to do.. and you don't receive money or other things..

Perhaps this helps..

Jonathan Veldhuis

 2005/9/17 6:12Profile

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 Re: Serve God or money?


You have asked a question that troubles many: I could do it IF I had more tangible resourses. Then I think of God's experiece with Moses when he was asking him to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. Notice his excuses, go read Exodus 3,4 and put yourself in his shoes. All Moses took with him were God's orders, promises and a rod.

Seems to me you need to start with what you already have. Do it one on one...that requires no money. All you need is the infilling of the Spirit and let Him empower you. Please do not fall into the trap that it takes lots of money to evangelize!

God Bless you!

Sandra Miller

 2005/9/17 10:31Profile

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