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LBG, what can I say.

You have also been a great teacher to me and that is more true than I can probably express here.

I was on your website last nite and downloaded your picture, from the homepage so I could pray for you. (tee-hee, ain't I sneaky).

When I saw it, you witnessing in the street there, I had to download to keep, to "know you" by, if ya catch my meaning.

I thought, "that is the 'heart' of the man, I only know from posting". And this all before God is true. This happened.

You've taught me early on here, just "by example", (the Best way ... better than "words"), how to react to others.

I 'tried' to emualte your tact, that I saw in your and my first posts to each other, you were tactful, I wasn't ...... but I guess, I still have more to learn and you are right ... that's one of the reasons I also wanted to return.

These "rough edges" of mine, are more uncomfortable to me, than they are to others, cuz others can get away from me or my posts, but I have to live with me 24/7. :-?

Your words are very gracious here and coming from you, who I look up to for 'tact' in action and not words alone.... it's more appreciated than I can express to you brother.

May God Bless you and your Ministry GREATLY.
Love your website, and you in the Lord.


 2005/9/16 1:27

Joined: 2004/9/28
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Cleveland, Georgia


Very kind words, Gran. I don't ever remember hearing harsh words directed at me, as I am usually expecting people to say that I am the harsh one. If you are talking about debating a subject, I never consider that harsh. I like to see people stand up for Scripture, as long as they have the right motive.

I must tell you that that is not me on the website. I have wanted to take some pics or do a video one time when we witness. I really like watching Way of the Master and viewing pictures and hearing testimonies of people witnessing as it gives me strength. That would probably give me an excuse to work on my site more instead of arguing doctine all the time with my brothers and sisters(lovingly, of course).

You are right that soul-winning is my heartbeat. I think about winning people all the time, doing it all the time is another thing. While that is not me in the pic, that brother is out there doing it! Glory to God. Sometimes I just begin to cry watching Kirk and Ray. I don't get emotional when I witness, but I enjoy just sometimes listening to by buddy witness when we go out, as you can literally see and feel the spiritual battle going on.

Let's keeping seeking Him and His reviving, and all else will work out for good.

Hal Bachman

 2005/9/16 10:00Profile

Joined: 2005/7/11
Posts: 1131



You are a wonderful witness and I would encourage you to keep posting!

 2005/9/16 10:07Profile


Oh JaySaved, God Bless you more that words could say.
Watchman Nee said, "we should fear ourselves" and that stuck with me, and then after blundering with my brother last week, that 'fear' turned into total Phobic.

So I appreciate feeling like I have family.
I didn't have one growing up, but then God says, He'll give us 100 fold back in "Family", when we give up all to follow Him.

He's sure proved that true here on SI for me and I am so grateful for you all and that you would take the time and love in Christ, to post to a sister.
God reward your kindness JaySaved. Amen !

Annie (No longer Orphan Annie :)

 2005/9/16 19:50


LGB :-D, Once again you've made my cheeks hurt from smiling. Ha.

You don't remember. That reminds me of God ... "the sea of forgetfulness".

No, we didn't have a big debate. It was just one post I did to yours, when I first was new here... and then felt awful for later.

You're a great brother indeed.

The other "Funny", is now I have a picture of ? that has been the object of my prayers. HA !

Hey, maybe he needs those right now too.

But God knew, I was praying for you, so He doesn't get mixed up like I do. :-)

Thank you brother and God Bless your Heart for the Lost.... AMEN ON THAT ONE FER SHUR !

Love in Him.


 2005/9/16 19:55

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