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Ron, that make me chuckle. Very true.

I think it would be fun to slide off a 'mini' pyramid. Weeeee :-D (I'm still a young man, 18, but I will always have a child's heart)

 2005/10/1 14:01

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The Bible concept of discipling is NOT a pyramid but is one in which each 'member holds fast the head'. In other words each one is discipled to Jesus Christ. Discipling is a relationship word. Wherever there is a disciple there must be a master. "Call no man master" might just as truthfully be expressed as "Do not call yourself any man's disciple".

These are some very helpful thoughts on descipleship.
This pyramid discipling/mentoring is not a biblical concept and has some ominous precedents...

I once had a pastor tell me that in his opinion, nobody understood descipleship, reproduction, and cell groups better than Al Quaida. He said the church could learn alot from them in these areas...:-o

Mike Compton

 2005/10/1 14:22Profile


My senior pastor is going to mentor me. Woohoo.
Peace out

 2005/10/2 17:00

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