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Discussion Forum : General Topics : UPDATE !4TH SEPT 05 Can a Christian Sue, for compensation

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Joined: 2005/5/25
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 UPDATE !4TH SEPT 05 Can a Christian Sue, for compensation


I would really like to see, some good sound answers to this question.

Can a Christian Sue, for compensation, for Medical Negligence of a serious nature.

Please give good clear evidence, when answering Yes or No.



 2005/9/11 16:59Profile

 Re: Can a Christian Sue, for compensation

Sound answer ?

I'll try Ellie, but I will state that this is my opinion, that I think can be justified.

The Word, tells us to not go to court against "a Brother in the Lord".

But when Paul needed "the law" behind him, he used it, by saying "hey guys, I'm a Roman Citizen. I appeal to Caesar".

The laws of 'this' land, that we live in, provide for due or just compensation, for medical negligence or injury.

Many folks, cannot afford the after affects of a Medical Mishap, so they have no choice but to use the law this way, in order to just survive.

I don't think it is a sin, to use a law that is in our country's books. So far.
Those are protections, written into the law, for the very reason you mentioned ... when something causes something of a "serious nature".

If those laws weren't there, then any slip-shod Dr. could mangle anyone he wanted to or through negligence, permentantly cripple them, etc. etc.

No, I do not see it wrong to use "just" Laws, when we definitely need to.
It will also keep that Dr. or Hospital or whatever LESS LIKELY to do the same 'negligence' to some other poor soul.

I'm a pascifist, but there are times, when your action, could actually save the next guy from getting hurt in the same way.

I've seen Pediatricians be negligent with children and risk that child being crippled for life. The case I'm thinking of, was a little guy diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and his Pediatrician said, "there's no need to put him on antibiotic treatment".

The little guy, only three, could barely get off his couch. His legs hurt and he was SO tired.

They finally took him to a Lyme Specialist, who kept him on antibiotics for 6 months... and thank God, so far, he seems recovered.

But, I felt the parents should have at Least, put a Letter to the Editor in their local Newpaper, warning other parents of this Pediatrician's method of handling Lyme disease in her little patients, because Lyme disease where they live is pandemic, and after so long having it, you have it for life and it's a progressive illness that slowly takes you out.

Anyways, I pray you get the info or wisdom you need.


 2005/9/11 21:44

 Re: Can a Christian Sue, for compensation

The scripture forbids law suits between believers. It does not forbid lawsuits like what you are referring to.

In fact, if you sued over this, it could prevent the doctor from making this same mistake on someone else.

If the thought of reaping a financial benefit from this bothers you, donate the settlement to the Katrina Relief effort.


 2005/9/12 9:08

Joined: 2005/5/25
Posts: 189

 Re: Can a Christian Sue, for compensation/ Updated 14thSept 05

Thankyou for your input Grannie and Krispi.
Two others off-line have said no.

So that is three no/ three yes/

I believe the answer is No/

But these circumstances are not straight forward.

I can't settle within, because there is more to this sitution that could spell, someone trying to cover up one mistake only to make a further mistake with more tablets. And then given ECT to make me better, it did not make me better I got worse.T
he dayward nurses had been listening to me and did pass their opinion onto the Specialist. Who went ahead with ECT.
My Question is
Why before ECT did the senior specialist not reduce the latest tablets, to see if maybe I might become more well,which is what the nurses may have been indicating to the specialist, for my health. No He gave ECT. I was too ill to refuse it was said to me this way was maybe my only hope of getting better.
All the time it was the Tablet.

That is what troubles me , it really does.
I have actually been in a very dangerous state of health. There are some more facts but I don't really want to put any more on here.

I just want you to understand the circumstances.

I have asked to see all the files to see what everyone was saying etc. And why I was made to go through these terrible circumstances.

I am makeing a formal complaint. That is ok, to do so.
I need to know which involve the prognosis of any other side effects that can show up later.

Thankfully I am not that ill now and I am still to improving


 2005/9/14 18:45Profile

Joined: 2005/5/25
Posts: 189

 Re: Thanks:Grannie...

Very, quite write and they will be the question that i will be asking in my complaint, under the rules, this is ok to do.
I can see it, non of it adds up. I am puzzeled

We will have to wait some months for those answers.
I think I know those things that we cannot write on here. See what the powers that be come up with.

Thanks for your thoughts on this matter.

Gods love


 2005/9/19 17:41Profile

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