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Discussion Forum : General Topics : The Knowledge of the Holy: Book Study Questions

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Joined: 2005/9/8
Posts: 71

 The Knowledge of the Holy: Book Study Questions


I am going to be leading a home group...about five October.

Have been torn on what our topic of study is going to be. Right now I am leaning towards Tozer's "Knowledge of the Holy".

I could use some of y'alls help.

Its a tough book to read for a generation bred on Lucado, Warren and Eldredge. (not diminishing these men...they are just easy to read).

The Home Group is going to be discussion based and really, all I am gonna do is ask pointed questions to spawn discussion.

What I need help with is coming up with those questions.

Would anyone be interested in working together to compile study and discussion questions, chapter by chapter, for this book?

 2005/9/9 13:54Profile

Joined: 2005/9/8
Posts: 71

 Re: The Knowledge of the Holy: Book Study Questions

Just to clarify. I am looking for questions to help make people think and to spawn discussion. Am not looking for questions with a specific answer.

ie...(very loose examples)

Looking for: Tozer states that having the wrong, non-Biblical image of God is idolatry. Have you found this true of yourself? If so how has this impacted your spiritual life?

Not Looking for: What did Tozer state was idolatry? Answer: The wrong image of God.

 2005/9/9 14:13Profile

Joined: 2003/6/11
Posts: 9192
Santa Clara, CA

 Re: the Knowledge of the Holy: Book Study Questions

Hi Conqueror,

Applaud your efforts here. This is [i]the[/i] book that turned everything upside down, make that right side up for me.

Think you are off to a great start and always enjoy re-reading this, it is a very necessary thing to go back and reflect on. Wouldn't commit completely to a full fledged effort at this juncture, but hopefully will add what I can for your consideration and pray that others will do likewise.

Watch this space.

Mike Balog

 2005/9/9 16:07Profile

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