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 Re: Earthquake in California

maybe even a fire. I live right in the middle of the Santa Monica mountains and I begged the Lord last wednesday to stay His hand.....all around me bone dry mountains loaded with tons upon tons of bone dry wood and vegetation surrounding multi million dollar homes filled with people who could care less about the Glory of God, or worshipping God.

we have a intercessory prayer meeting that is down to 3 people in a community of 14,000.

later addition/edit: there's a "Sacred Music Festival" going to be held in this town, every kind of music BUT Christian music, I guarantee you IF a Christian music or artist mounted that stage he would be booed off and spat upon. Here's some URL's , one from a Buddhist site telling about this fest, and another about a woman who's new age band will play there, I've prayed for this woman, but.....,00000001329,0,0,1,0

The reason I added this edit is that the pastor of the work here in this canyon seems to think if he takes a servant role in this fest, that it will witness Christ's love. I don't disagree with that, for I believe every fellow must tend to his God given ministry, but I believe that this ministry will prove fruitless, and to go to these new age gatherings you have to be prayed up becoz you usually walk away with a few unclean spirits clinging onto your back.

I am so sick of these new age gatherings and ministering in them, because there is such a anti-Christ spirit inherent within the new-agers....not only anti-Christ, but anti-Christian. One could posit, "well Neil, don't you think you trail some hostility into the event?"

no, I don't believe so.

You see, any mention of Jesus in this community, and folks get hostile. Which is fine, bless God! to me that's being truly counter-cultural!

I mean, I am NOT your typical american evangelical, I consider myself a follower of the Jesus Who said to love your enemies and feed the poor, and prepare to take up your Cross, said implications that you ALSO will get nailed to this Cross......anyway, I don't know what I'm saying except I believe the only way to grow an ekklesia in this type of enviroment is thru prayer, not thru hanging out at an anti-Jesus "Sacred music fest"....

now, what was the point of this previous rant, just this......earthquake or fire, I don't know which, but I quake in fear of the coming wrath, the coming Day of the Lord.

Now the new-ager's would counter, "what kind of god do you worship that you would be quaking in fear of his wrath, I thought he loved you."

to which I would counter, "He does, but He's a just God, but between you all and your moon worship, and your tarot cards and your venus worship, and the rich yuppies and their worship of the golden calf, you have literally sealed the fate of this community."

to which they would counter, "what makes you so good?"

and I would say, "I'm not, God just blessed me with enough sense to take His offer, take His covenant promise and follow Jesus, the true Prince of Peace, the true Lamb of God."

at that point, I'd probably lose lol.

oh well.

only eight got into the Ark.

 2005/9/7 16:29

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Reading, UK


owa seems like a safe place... lol.

my sense of American geography has certainly improved since I joiuned SI. :-)

Ron Bailey

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Just to emphaize the point; [b]This is not a prophecy[/b] in the biblical sense. It is a perdiction but not in a biblical sense. I do know things will get worse and worse and just being in california and experiencing the way of life etc I believe its a total opposite then New Orleans and I would venture to say that people are even more not prepared.

New Orleans is a poorer city with people that neglected God by utter disobidence.

California has much more richer cities with people that neglect God out of laziness and lack of need spiritually, ie having all the material possesions.

EDIT: sorry for broadbrushing both of those areas but I think you understand what I am trying to get at.

We must all be ready to account for God. "This life is a dress-room for eternity, thats all it IS!" -Leonard Ravenhill.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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I really believe that we should all be living as if anything could happen at any time and that we are always spiritually prepared. Not that we have to live in fear, but our faith should always be that we are holding onto Jesus for everything and not onto earthly things in any way. Just like that pastor who my husband and arielle are going to visit this weekend. Losing his home and possessions was not devastating (i am sure it was sad) but it was because his priorities were right. Christ was not only first in his life, He was EVERYTHING.

I also like the 4 seconds is enough thing too. God is the master planner. He is in control. He has His reasons for everything He does. May we all all learn to lean on Him alone.

In Him, Chanin


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As I reflect on the recent natural disasters being inflicted on this planet, I am reminded of 1 Thessalonians 5:3: While they are saying, "Peace and safety!" then sudden destruction will come upon them suddenly like birth pangs upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

I am a mother who has given birth and this analogy is understood well by me. Birth pangs start with a little ache and increase in frequency with the pain increasing gradually until you get a big one that says "PUSH". After the tsunami I wondered where it would strike next and it did, 8 months later in N Orleans. Where there not big earthquakes in the middle east earlier? Perhaps someone can make a list of the big natural disasters that struck our world in the last few years....we might could see a pattern...

BTW, I think, too, the midwest considers itself pretty safe, but if God would remove his restraining hand, you might find yourself might find your corn inflcted by an incurable blight or rust or who knows?


Sandra Miller

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The Midwest has it's own fault...

The Mississippi Valley-"Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On"
In the winter of 1811-12, the central Mississippi Valley was struck by three of the most powerful earthquakes in U.S. history. Even today, this region has more earthquakes than any other part of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains. Government agencies, universities, and private organizations are working to increase awareness of the earthquake threat and to reduce loss of life and property in future shocks.
The 400 terrified residents in the town of New Madrid (Missouri) were abruptly awakened by violent shaking and a tremendous roar. It was December 16, 1811, and a powerful earthquake had just struck. This was the first of three magnitude-8 earthquakes and thousands of aftershocks to rock the region that winter./

It is reported that the mighty Mississippi flowed backwards during this earthquake.

Plus there is a valcano out this way, around Detroit, and one in or very near Georgia, I am told.

Eileen Teitsworth

 2005/9/8 1:09Profile


Desktop Shortcuts for residents of Quake States.

Southern California has been pretty active, from Aug. 31 thru Sept 2nd, or so. Mt. St. Helen keeps seizing up also.

[b]Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada[/b]

[b]Active Global Map[/b]

[b]Last 8 days or so[/b]

[b]Last 30 days[/b]


 2005/9/8 2:04

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 Re: Earthquake in California

Hi, I just found this web site tonite, what a awesome site. I was talking with a friend about the timing of Katrina, and he had grown up in New Orleans, he asked me if I knew that it happened when the "celebration of decadence" would have taken place. I felt soething in my heart when he said that, a deep reverence for God. I have never even heard of that "celebration" before, but it reminded me of Lukes end time account in ch.21vs25 "Nations will be in anguish and perplexity of the roaring and the tossing of the sea". I have lived in Calif. most of my life to, I would be scared to death if it was not for Ps.91all. I am here because God called me to be. So, as I did a sreach on that so called celebration I learned it was indeed stopped from happening this year due to the hurricane.Is that God? I would have to say "probaly", why would I think not? God will leave those unprotected who tell Him they want nothing to do with Him. I am a Chaplain for one of the very large disaster relief org. I am forbidden to say anything like that around one of the disaster centers, of course I would not proclaim that to the victims, however, if we as a society want God to protect our cities, our country, it is very clear to me, He said, I will honor those who honor me....
Let not your heart be troubled.

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[url=]World Disaster Index[/url]

Test and try everything on that link. But as far as I know, (which aint too far), that site is faithful on the Index. And for some reason, no Article on Katrina....

So, test all things, and hold to what is true.

 2005/9/8 13:50

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 Re: Earthquake in California

Ya know brother Greg as soon as i saw your post it instantly made me think of this past thread ... :-P

Those crazy Puritans, that crazy Dave Wilkerson, and crazy me ...

Everybody's expecting the big one in Cali, but no one's expecting the rocking of our east coast (NY) ... :-?

 2005/9/12 15:44Profile

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