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 Revival in South Africa!!!

Dear Brethren,

I would like to share with you about revival that started about 40 years ago in Kwazulu, here in South Africa, that still has a tremendous effect on our country and its people. Through the years God has worked powerfully in the hearts of people, setting the captives free.
The revival started in a small congregation which consisted of both white and black people. This was totally unheard of in SA, because of its Apartheid laws of that time. Missionary Erlo Stegen came to the end of himself, when he saw that there was a handful of professing believers after 12 years of intense mission work. This group of people decided to take God at His Word, and began a Bible study in the book of Acts. God's Word cut deeply into their lives and they started repenting and making restitution, finally God dealt with their pride and then He rend the heavens. The first to come to them for spiritual help after God's outpouring was a witch in charge of a school for witches. Many came for cleansing, surrendering to Christ. It was as if God had called these people out of their huts.
A few years after the beginning of the revival God led them to start a mission station, which is called Kwasizabantu Mission. One of the main characteristics of this revival, even unto this day is a deep conviction of sin. There are testimonies of many healings and miracles. But the greatest of miracle remain the lives that are changed and the leaders feel this way to.
At some stage Dr. Kurt Koch went to investigate this revival's authenticity, for he was a fundi (lacking another word) on revivals and the occult. Dr Koch identified it as a true work of God and even wrote a book about it. Today Dr Koch's widow lives on the mission station.
Sad to say, there are many enemies of this work of God, but it is true that where the Lord is working there the devil works also. You can visit the website at:
There are some sermons of Erlo Stegen on Sermon Index.

Hope this testimony will encourage you all and thanks for a great site.

In His love,

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 Re: Revival in South Africa!!!

Cool, great to hear what God is doing.

 2005/8/31 16:59

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 Re: Revival in South Africa!!!

Thanks for posting that! :-)

Josh Williamson

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I thought this was very intersting to read from the revival/church's website, "What is your belief about dreams, visions and other supernatural phenomena?
All dreams, visions etc, should be checked against the Word of God. No Christian should feel compelled to act upon "a message" which someone else claims is from the Holy Spirit. Every believer is accountable to God and must hear from Him alone regarding His will. Kwasizabantu is generally skeptical about the claims by extreme groups who receive "special revelations". We believe that the phenomena, such as the "Toronto Blessing" and "Gold teeth/dust" movements are not Biblical. These movements are symptomatic of a hunger by many Christians for the tangible evidence of God. True satisfaction is found in a personal relationship to Christ and not sensational "supernatural" experiences."

Having just today watched a video on the "Toronto Blessing" in which revival was claimed to have broken out in '94 including manifestations of the Spirit through "holy laughter", people shaking, being "slain", etc. I thought it was of note that I read this today.

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 Re: Revival / Toronto Blessing.

Dear Repentcanada

Those Q&A on the Kwasizabantu website has really been a help to others seeking the truth. They (Kwasizabantu) have become an authority on revival here in South Africa as well as other places in the world. I really thank God for the great work He is doing there, even though there is opposition.
To visit their site go to:

There are many helps, photos, links and sermons.

God bless,

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