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Joined: 2003/6/11
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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Fear not

Not to worry sister, think we would all prefer the smiles... 8-)

Mike Balog

 2005/5/10 9:13Profile

Joined: 2004/3/31
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Melbourne, Australia



Healingwaters wrote:
I was wondering how many people have been banned from SermonIndex since it's inception?


I only know of a couple of instances, personally. In the cases that I have been a participant in (through unofficially offering friendly warnings, regarding unwise behaviour), the people had been repeatedly warned, and had disregarded the warnings.

You might think that you have caused some controversy over some of your viewpoints, however I have alwys found you to be respectful and courteous. The cases that come to my mind have ben arrogant, and malicious in nature. One such party still has a bee in his bonnet, believing that SI should be shut down, for "leading people away from the truth". Another made personal accusations directed toward Greg, in the forums (and they are still there, as a testimony to Greg's integrity).

Don't worry Karl, you're not the kind of guy who gets kicked, around here:-).

Aaron Ireland

 2005/5/10 10:16Profile

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Listen, I am new to this site and I find it rather refreshing. I have some reservations about you the moderator banning slang. I am an inner city born and raised young man. I am also educated but your take on christians using slang bothers me. I use it because it is a part of my culture and background. Just like plain english maybe yours. I am assuming since I don't know you but if i was a heady person I might be insulted by that rule. I don't think you should say, in my opinion ( not that it is from God the Father) that Christians should't use slang, some inner city christians only know slang. Please if you feel I am incorrect about this let me know.

Matthew 5:10 :-o



 2005/5/19 14:55Profile

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Hey BigCleveland.

I'm glad to see you apart of SI (SermonIndex). Here is a tread to the question you are asking.

Josh Parsley

 2005/5/19 15:24Profile

Joined: 2003/11/23
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Hi Big Cleve...

I have a funny story about using slang.

My parents attend a really old-fashioned church in a rural southern community. However, I was raised in the city, and the change was rather drastic. One day, my pastor and his wife drove myself and another teen to youth camp. The trip lasted over 4 hours through the mountains, and I was sometimes impressed by the scenery. I would say words like, "Wow," "Awesome," and "Cool!" I had never heard anyone ever being [i]offended[/i] by those words. But the pastors wife was listening, and didn't take very kindly to my language.

She told me that when she was a child, her parents and minister scolded her against ever using exclamatory words, telling her that they had the same meaning as curse words. "So," she said, "I have never used any words like that my entire life!"

And what did I say when she told me that?



Of course, I think the point of the rule is that the moderators of this wonderful website are trying to protect it from any type of worldly influence by keeping the standards high. The same is true of any work, business, school or professional environment. To some people, slang English dialects (like ebonics, spanglish or even "southern hospitality") are viewed like just another modern form of English. But remember, many visitors to this site will have a difficult time understanding such "dialects."

And while some people may feel comfortable speaking slang, alot of people will not understand it. Besides, most people who speak slang can also speak in at least semi-proper English.

The moderators and administrators are not trying to restrict personal freedom, but to allow an even greater freedom of understanding to those who visit the site.

Anyway, I hope this helps clear things up just a bit.


 2005/6/15 17:06Profile

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Washington st. u.S. A.


yes we all travel on the same road. It's nice to have a center line for those moving in the other direction. Some countrys drive on the left some on the right. I believe its good to know the rules.
ccchhhrrriiisss that was a good one. 8-) "WOW!"

 2005/6/15 17:26Profile

Joined: 2003/4/18
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I've let this slip over the last few months. I have been trying to bump this to the top for all to read about once a month. It's a good idea to keep these in mind while interacting in the forum community.

1. Ensure that your new topics are in the correct forum.
-If your new topic doesn't fit with the description of the forum you're in, do not post it there.
-Posting new topics in the correct forums helps keep the Community organized and helps to keep topics easier to find.
-Topics posted in the wrong forum (as determined by the Moderator Team) will be moved to the appropriate forum.

2. Post guidelines:
-If you're replying to a post, stay on topic as much as possible.
-If you're posting a new topic, do not post something that has been discussed numerous times. Browse the forums first or use the Search function.
-Do not link images from other sites without their permission; instead, it's much more polite to give a link to them.
-[i]Do not flame other users[/i]; this includes, but is not limited to, derogatory comments based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, etc. You will be banned immediately for this offense.

3. When linking to the Community, here or elsewhere, please use

4. Advertising:
-Do not advertise your own site unless it's a personal site that you wish to share or you're trying to help someone find something they're looking for.
-"Spam" (advertising) Illegal/inappropriate content and flooding will be deleted.

5. Do not overuse:
-Emoticons (i.e., :#, :), or :8 )
-Line breaks or CAPITALS
-Nested quotes/code BBCode
-Giant or tiny font sizes or ugly, hard to read colors.

6. Language:
-Do not swear.
-Do your best to use proper, easy to understand English. Not everyone's primary language is English, so we must try to make it easy for those who know English as a secondary language.
-Avoid slang, including "phat," "LOL" or "BRB," "i c u," and so on. Slang shouldn't be a part of the Christian's vocabulary; the Bible's written in a very majestic language, but so many nowadays degrade themselves to "Yo, 'sup?" or "homie."
(The reason that slang is not encouraged is because this site has members from several nations. It's difficult for someone whose first language is not English to translate all our typing short-cuts)

[i]7. Do not harass users on the Community, through Private Messages, or e-mail You can be banned for this.[/i]

8. Signatures
-Signatures should be kept brief, easy to read, and unobtrusive.
-You're allowed to post images in your signature, but keep them reasonably small so as to not disrupt the natural flow of text in topics.
-If you post an animated image in your signature, make sure it's not annoying!

9. Avatars
-Avatars should not be more than 60 pixels by 60 pixels in dimension.
-If your avatar is animated, make sure it isn't annoying!
-Avatars are limited to 6kB in size.
-Offending avatars will be removed.

10. Arguing with the Moderator Team over the enforcement of these rules will get you no where.
-If you're told to change the way you're behaving here, you must comply or leave.
-Repeat offenders will be banned

11. If you have any problems, contact an Administrator or make a post in an appropriate forum asking for help. Someone surely will be glad to help you.

[b]So that this topic does not become any more cluttered than it already has I'm going to lock it.[/b]

Jeremy Hulsey

 2005/10/7 23:37Profile

Joined: 2003/6/11
Posts: 9192
Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Community Rules ~ A Revisit

Every once in awhile it is a good thing to bring this back up again.

Please, do check out the search function here. Many topics have posts started that would be easier to follow if a thread was continued, rather than a new one posted. For instance, Christmas, instead of 4 or 5 different topics relating to it, try and reply within the same topic, even if it takes a different aspect, these threads are know to do that without any effort anyway and there is nothing wrong it (To a point).There are of course times where the need is warranted and there is a great freedom here, just a helpful reminder to help benefit everyone.

One more helpful bit. When replying, try and take note of the subject line, even if it is to just cut and paste the one prior to it, something that relates to the thread itself. Otherwise what you will get as the threads continue is a series of "Re:"'s and as you search the archives it is much easier to see something related topically, think this was expressed here in this thread somewhere along the line.

Thanks for your consideration.

Mike Balog

 2005/12/3 13:48Profile

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