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The prophets learned to listen.
The prophets learned to sit in silence.
The prophets learned to keep quiet.
They kept on being silent until the Lord had spoken.
We generate too much noise in which it is extremely difficult to evaluate and set aside that which holds eternal value.
They did not speak until they were absolutely sure that they had heard from the Lord.
They did not speak until that which they were about to bring forth was purged and purified seven times, Ps. 12.
Most of us talk too much too soon.
They spoke because their hearts were touched by a burden from the Lord.
They spoke with clarity because they allowed themselves to take time to think and pray.

Lars Widerberg

 2003/11/4 14:45Profile

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Regular, ordinary decency seems to open the safest route to this position.
Silence and awe build proper foundation for communion unto maturity.
Am I right?

Terry Lee

 2003/11/4 15:08Profile

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This is not a generation completely void of true prophets of God. Perhaps they are not Samuels or Jeremiahs, but the Spirit has not completely withheld that gift from His people in our time.
But I believe that these men and women serve a smaller group of believers than those reached by traveling the nation and appearing on television, selling how-to books and videos, recommending at least $25 donations on pre-printed "tithing" envelopes.
Many, too many, modern-day prophets forget that God is the focus, not them. Prophets are messengers, not performers, and messengers should loathe the spotlight.
I have long held that pride is Satan's favorite sin -- it led to his fall as well as the fall of Adam and Eve. How can they call themselves prophets -- messengers of God -- and we call ourselves Christians if we credit ourselves with the things that are rightfully to His glory?

Mary M.

 2003/11/4 21:57Profile

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