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 A coming Revival?

Alright, im 'back'. (From my absence on this forum).

I heard about a month about 'i feel something is about to 'break' soon' Refering to heaven is going to fall down, or 'another pentacost'. Then the past 2 sunday services my pastor heard some great reports, and hearing 'i feel something is different in the Spirit'.

During that time our youth group had a 'house party' where we were supposed to get closer to each other and God. God SHOWED UP, truly POWERFULLY. One hour of prayer time led to 3 hours of prayer time instead. One night worship lasted till 5am.

So, today, our pastor just shared his heart, nothing truly 'organized'. But basically said 'i think we are going to see God's Kingdom fall'.

Now, im apart of a Vineyard. Yea, toronto, Rodney..(ugh). And my pastor still says 'drunk in the Spirit'. He truly has a heart after God.

I wrote all this to say, I agree with my Pastor, that Revival/God's Kingdom is going to come to our church (i think the Tampa Bay area, or clearwater) and then spread.

Tomarrow I will be talking to him about First Priority (this youth thing, you can pm me about it if you want, its just to get kids saved IN the schools *high/middle schools*) and also the 'drunk in the Spirit'.

I ask for your prayers for God's guidance in my life. I'm not 'prayered up', or 'on fire' right now, kinda more in warfare than anything. So I just ask that my pastor would keep a discerning eye over God's Sheep. (Which he has done wonderfully so far).

*Personally*, I've been convicted alot more, and God's presence has been coming more powerfully.

I think its about to happen to Clearwater, Fla, USA.

 2005/8/7 14:23

 Re: A coming Revival?

It really is great to hear from you and that you had a great time at the house party WITH GOD! :-) Praise the Lord for all he is doing in your part of the world. Will be praying. May the Lord keep you safe in every way.

 2005/8/7 17:33


I will not be able to update you on this matter, but our pastor is putting 'salt' on their tounges that they may Thirst after being 'filled with the Spirit' as he calls it. Or as the bible says 'Receving the Holy Spirit'.

He said it will be a 'nameless, faceless' thing. Praise God, ever heard of Jason Upton?

So, peace out guys. Keep your eyes out for Clearwater, Fla, USA.

 2005/8/14 19:41


Sorry, it has excited me.

Another confermation about Clearwater/Tampa Bay area (bay of the Holy Spirit was its ORGINAL name)

I spoke to this customer who looked familar and i found out that i used to go to his church, (church of God) and he said 'Pastor preached sunday and it was extremly powerful, more powerful than i've seen in a while; God is doing something'.

This man was around 45-50 and said this, he went thru the Jesus movement (i guess) and said 'its been a while since i've heard such POWER in a sermon'.

Hehe, its coming. I'm excited, my first revival, in my home town. I'll keep a discerning eye out. :-? :-x 8-) :-D

 2005/8/15 23:58

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