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 Homosexual Deliverance?

Does anyone know of any good information on homosexual deliverance? Or does anyone know of any ministries that are involved in homosexual deliverance?

Thanks any info would be helpful.

Patrick Ersig

 2005/8/1 17:07Profile

 Re: Homosexual Deliverance?


 2005/8/1 18:23

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Hemel Hempstead


[]Leanne Payne[/url]

[]Mario Bergner[/url]

[url=]Clay Mclean[/url]

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: Homosexual Deliverance?

Here is a link to a great site called Stonewall Revisited, there are a number of personal testimonies there of those who have been delivered from a homosexual lifestyle by the grace of God. Also, there are links to ministry support groups that can be found around the country.

[url=]Stonewall Revisited[/url]

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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Blessings in Jesus, Cindy


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Albany, GA

 Re: Homosexual Deliverance?

There are a couple good books that go into detail on homosexul deliverence or any other type for that matter. A few of my favorites are 'The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting' by Mahesh Chavda, 'The Handbook for Spiritual Warfare' by Dr. Ed Murphy and my all time favorite 'Pigs in The Parlor' by Frank Hammond. Also is a great site. Good luck.


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 Re: Homosexual Deliverance?



Andrew Comiskey's ministry has developed through his own deliverance from homosexuality. It is well-balanced - also deals with sexual sins more generally - and focuses on the individual's obedience within his or her growing relationship with God.

 2005/8/5 6:40

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 Re: Homosexual Deliverance?

How has your walk been going?

I think the key to deliverance with the topic of homosexuality is to realize there are different things at work.

1. Perhaps there may be demonic influences and forces at work.
2. The flesh/the heart is deceitful. Even after external influences are gone we need to choose to walk in the Spirit instead of the flesh.
3. We need each other - we need to walk in the light, have piercing accountability, and share our journeys.
4. We need to continually fill our hearts and minds with truth - in the Word.

I fully recommend Exodus and their recommended ministries.

I've been blogging for the past ~40 days on walking free from homosexuality. One post in particular talked about my thoughts on deliverance:

Blessings to you in your walk. The road is tough, we can't do it alone. But freedom is satisfying and so is obedience.

It's not about repression, that will never work. It's also not about a magic bullet that makes it all disappear. God is glorified in our weakness, and he loves us and gives us power in the midst of it.

 2011/11/20 3:33Profile


It's not about repression, that will never work.

It's about the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit... just like all of our other sins.

It's about the gospel. Period.


 2011/11/20 7:24


Forgiving sins is the easy part. It's the healing that takes place afterwards.

Homos can't just stop and change over night, perhaps in some rare cases they can. But most of them take the long journey of recovery and a recovery it is.

The whole makeup of a man has been altered. His way of thinking is not the same as regular men. When they think of a woman, to them it's repulsive. That is why many of them turn to drugs and alcohol and even suicide because they can't stand themselves. Many don't want those feelings, but they feel lost and because all they have ever heard is that God hates them, they have no hope. If they turned to a Christian or the Church all they will hear is condemnation and since they already feel condemned they avoid it.

If only they really knew how God felt they'd run to Him, but since we love the law more than the love of God, they'll never know.

 2011/11/20 11:17

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