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My person views on music goes as such. I have grown up on "Christian" music and have played in several worship bands. My experience has shown me that there are those in the "Christian" music world that are just as full of pride and singing empty songs as in the "secular" world. In the same context bands such as U2 have remarkably spiritual if not Christian lyrics. Other bands like Evanescence or Straylight Run have brutally honest and spiritual lyrics, while more and more "christian" artists,as well as preachers, are selling an empty message of God. There are however, people in the christian circles who are honest about their walks w/ God such as Jason Upton, Rita Springer, Misty Edwards etc. I find that honesty, secular or "christian", is more edifying than songs that tend to be "fake". The basis of music is reality. If you look through the Psalms, many of them are comlaints and cries for help. However, those types of songs are rarely found on the "Christian top 40" So all in all, find music that can relate to and edify you, either christian or otherwise.

p.s. This post is much longer than I expected. I must truly be called to the ministry.

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 Re: Music

I would agree with you... the mainstream CCM scene is pathetic. There are those who are sincere and in it to minister. I dont want to take away from them.... but the majority of the music itself is uncreative, homogenized, watered down, junky and down right bubble gummish. The lyrics are even more pathetic than the music it is set to. You rarely hear anything like Keith Green anymore.

I've been tuning in lately to a couple of internet radio stations... Tri-rock, Instense radio and Reign radio... which play Christian heavy metal... and let me tell ya, the lyrics are so much more biblical and in your face than anything I have ever heard on the mainstream Christian stations. People love to think of heavy metal as "satan music" (and granted, because of the lyrics some of the secular stuff is satanic), but I grew up on bands like AC/DC, Krokus etc etc... and so to find Christian bands like whats on these internet stations is a blessing to me. Thats where my musical head has been at lately.

To me, reality is found in blues and rock. Not in trite bubble gum songs put out there with the sole intention of gettnig played on the radio.

I hated Top40 music when I was a teenager (Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Huey Lewis, etc...) and I hate it now as an adult... especially Christian Top40.


 2005/7/30 5:59

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