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Discussion Forum : General Topics : What is salvation?

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Joined: 2005/7/26
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Tennessee, USA

 What is salvation?

In another forum, we had discussed this issue of "losing one's salvation." However, before you can answer a question of what it means to lose salvation, we must first define what it means to gain salvation.

This is one of my favorite questions as it was the question I asked which lead to my own salvation. Here goes:

What does it mean to be saved? Also, how is a person saved? What does someone have to do in order to be saved?

(Personal experiences and testimonies encouraged. There is a quote that says, "A person with a theory is at the mercy of a person with an experience." Head knowledge is definitely interesing but it doesn't last. Let's hear things from the heart.)

Blake Kidney

 2005/7/28 13:32Profile

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 Re: What is salvation?

What makes the soil good in the parable of the "Sower of the Seed?"

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

 2005/7/28 14:29Profile

 Re: good soil?


I think we would all be kidding if we said 'my heart was all good soil when I first heard the gospel'; I think there may be a fair amount of stone and rock removal for some people, (I would count myself as one.) before the word can root deeply. I'd say that is something we can work on with the Lord's help. Remember, He went into the temple first, before he started chucking out that which was not supposed to be there.


I may have answered aspects of your original question in another thread. Here's the link. If anyone comments, I can add more. The matter of what one is supposed to believe, to be saved, is one I have only recently begun to understand - even as a question. :-? Slowly, I'm building up an answer. This is more of a process of elimination than construction, if you know what I mean. Now [i]that[/i] is an answer from my heart, so I hope no-one minds its candour. :-P

My other answer is currently the last post on P4 of Can you lose your salvation?. [url=][/url]

 2005/7/30 11:00

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