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Discussion Forum : General Topics : 'God has been moving in our Church'

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Joined: 2005/5/25
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 'God has been moving in our Church'

I thank God that I am attending a church that believes the same as others here, and the response to Gods move this year is Prayer.

We have a prayer centre in the church, which was painted and furnished and got ready over a short period of time. It is manned for about 4 hours per day for five days of the week Monday to Friday. Fellowship and then Prayer requests, from all sorts of places and people. Even things in our town newspaper, a young girl missing from home and she turned up safe.
Were getting prepared for the people who will come in. Leaders are being taught kind of like wellcome gatherings as we group up, as they come in. We believe they will be needy people, bit rough on the edges maybe, Takeing or comeing off drugs, etc.
These are those we expect, the lost sheep.
So there is a lot, of prepareing us to be able, to come alongside whoever comes in.

They have had new people coming in since January mostly Christian People.
We had one come in on Sunday Morning and Evening, he told me he had been into budhism etc. Just been made homeless. Came to stay at his brothers and then he came to our church. Thankfully there are some very strong faithed Christians, Two who came in earlier this year wo! they have ministry, well it was Joel who talked to him most, Good for Joel. As the Pastor and his family are on their summer holiday.

We have a strong youth fellowship. The church runs a childrens club, mostly unsaved family's they are taught bible stories, they have games fun and singing. Then on a certain week the parents and children are invited to the coffee shop where all sorts of things may be talked about. This church has always had childrens clubs.
I have been attending this church since January and I have seen Gods movement among the people, and in me.

The true Gospel, will win souls.


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Austin Tx.

 Re: 'God has been moveing in our Church'

Praise the Lord! I"m happy for you, and very blesed to see a focus in prayer for the whole church. We need our leadership, including our pastors to lead the way, before everyone from the kneeling position in prayer. May the Lord bless you and your church, as you minister to the needy, the lost and the Jesus Name! :-)


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Cleveland, Georgia

 Re: 'God has been moving in our Church'

"The true Gospel will win souls."

Amen to that. I hope you see revival, as I hope we all do.

Hal Bachman

 2005/7/27 23:18Profile


That is such a good report. How positively refreshing. The key is praying together. No substitutes. Glory to God.

Thanks for sharing.


 2005/7/28 6:42

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Wow! I knew that there was some good and uplifting news out there somewhere.

Mr. Bill

 2005/7/28 9:15Profile

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