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 ON Fire Prophecy

"This is My will, that you make fire and smoke. Be a beacon on a hill. Some may say, What do you think you are doing? Regard them not, for I have commanded you to be on fire for me. The water pail that would douse your flame will come from surprising sources, even from within. Be ready to escape intimacy with those who call themselves by My name, and yet do not do My will. I am taking the slack out of the church at this hour. The heart that is not right before me will not know peace. I will call My own and they will hear. Those who have no joy in Me will be full of themselves.

There is no peace in self fulfilment. I have a plan to bring those with a heart for Me into the water brook of service. It will flow and trickle down, becoming more and more like a river as it goes. The tributaries do not flow into My river, but rather flow out from the river. That is the watering of my Spirit moving forth to water the parched land. I will place you in the forefront of the outpouring grace. Many will heed and come to consecration in this move of the Spirit.

I am overtaking the land like a flood. Soon it will spring forth, leaving no one untouched by the power of the gospel. I am hedging up my servants, and mantling them each with their own particular call and station. I will place words in your mouth that no man can gainsay, nor any devil stop. Like a flood My Spirit will raise up the standard of righteousness, peace and joy. Go forth as a bride from the bridechamber and prepare yourself for union with Me. I am coming soon. Amen."

 2005/7/26 21:06

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