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 Draw nigh unto God.....

........(James 4:8a)James 4:8 Come close to God and He will come close to you. (Amplified Bible)

Question. What does it mean to you to "come close to God"?. How do you do that? It would seem to the rational mind that this is important.

One other thing, and this too is most important. How does God "come close to you"? If you don't know, how could you recognize the fulfillment of this text?

Surely we know that God is ever with us, because His Word promises He shall never leave us or forsake us. But the above verse, or so it seems to me, goes beyond just faith in the Word. There is activity on our part, and there is activity on God's part.

If God promised to meet you in a cave as a flaming fire, and you went to the cave and there was nothing there, would you believe that you missed God or would you believe that God missed you? Often times we do this in prayer. We go to the "secret place" and talk to God, but God does not talk back. Why not? Are we as near to Him as He'd like us to be?

Just some things running through this old worn out mind of mine. Thought it might be a good place to testify, to share insight, to seek the narrow way that leads to life, closer to God, and God closer to us. So please feel free to share what is on your hearts. God bless you as you do, in Jesus'Holy Name.

In the wonder of Him,


 2005/7/26 9:39

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