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 Pied Piper Christiamity Part 2

"My Children of glory, it is to be with joy and not with sorrow that you come into the presence of your God. For many of you look on the outward thing and your eye and your spirit and soul are downcast. For those things that you've been seeing and that have concerned you have also concerned Him who has created you. For I have put My Spirit within you says the Lord, and My Spirit will always be the inward indicator of My will. It will be in that Spirit by which you know me. For you will cry out many times, "Lord, look at this. Do you see that?" And I tell you, He who has made the universe is still in charge of the universe and knoweth all things.

Yes, the things that are permitted to continue until this day are there as signs of the day in which you live. For it is an hour of expectation in the church, but an hour of terror for those who live in the world and unto themselves. For they too, see the inevitable signs approaching. And I tell you that if a man is not in the center of My calling and will, surely in the days that lie ahead he will fall and tremble and know there is a God that he has rejected.

For you stand at the verge of a year of great change. And you who look to the things of the politics of man forget that it is the Lord who gives government. Is not the government upon My shoulders? Have I not been He who directs all of the nations? Am I not King of Kings and Lord of Lords to the glory of the Father? And yet you continue to look at the outward appearance of politics. My church has become involved in the politics of man, and in using the pressures of man in order to get what seems good unto them. See that you do not kick against the goads of My will. See that you do not go about doing a good thing as it seems right in your mind only to find that you have contested that Lord of Glory. For the politics of this world will pass away. Yes, the heart of the king is in the hand of your God.

And therefore, as you have prayed and many have begun to faint and forget, then I tell you that there shall be a removal. For the one that you long most to see in government will not be there. But there will be one raised up. Yes, and it will be allowed by your God. For a nation that must be judged will receive a leader that it instructed by humanism and of the mind and of the counsels of men but diabolical deep within. I tell you there is great calamity that will befall the earth and even in this year the changes will begin to take place. A proceeding into that period that many have shuddered to think of. A period of knowing that it is God who cares for you, who directs you, who will keep you....those who are called His and have won. But for those who are not of Me, the circumstances of the world will cause a turning unto Him that loves you. All the things that you would attempt to do in an outward fashion, I will do by striking fear into the hearts of men. And it will be in fear that many will turn to the fear of The Lord Thy God.

So do not be disheartened with the outcome; with the things that seem right unto you in the elections of men, but be prepared for a great change to come. Be prepared to know that where ever and when ever I hear your prayer, I rule over all. But some of you ask amiss even in your prayers. And you pray not the will of your Lord. It is a time that you turn inward and you hear My voice. It is a time that you pray according to My will, and when you know not how to pray in the natural, then the Holy Spirit with groanings, will begin to birth within you a prayer that My will be done in all of the earth.

For everything is on schedule, as it is in the natural world, and the enemies of this nation have already concerted themselves and they plan a day. They are moving toward an hour in which they would be in control. In the spirit, your God has prepared things, things that eyes hath longed to look into and ears have longed to hear. But they are terrible unto him who has not received the Lord of glory. Yes, there are things that are being planned in the council of heaven. My will is about to be executed in the earth. For judgment has begun at the household of God. And you, as My children, have been a part of that judging. I do not judge you unto wrath, for by the blood of the Lamb has there been a cleansing -- not just a covering over, but a cleansing to the core.

And many who have rejected My Spirit, have already decided within themselves that they will do a good thing unto their God. And they turn outwardly and use the outer expression of what their will would direct them to do.

But those who are led of my Spirit, who shall be called sons of God, these who hear My voice shall turn within and with trembling, know that judgment must come. Yes, judgment has begun already, even over a nation -- a nation that will not repent, a people who are called by My Name, who pray occasionally and weakly. A people who must, by outward circumstances, be convinced that their God rules over every situation, however difficult that might be.

While you are in the world, there will be tribulation. But fear not, for I have overcome the world. And by that suffering that led to obedience, the Son has come to a place of pre eminence in the Father. And know this, that as the firstfruits of many sons to come forth, I am calling a people that they might be one; that they might know that the things that are happening to the right and to the left of them are allowed for the purpose of drawing many into the net. For I will send you out as fishers of men, and I will drive them into the nets that there will be a great harvest. Yes, judgment and calamity and difficult days, but beyond this, glory for those who will hear and who, not of themselves, but because of My will, are called. These are they that should be added unto Me. I will call out, for I have foreknown them, and I have allowed the circumstances that will come.

You say, "But Lord, will you not spare us?" And I say, it is appointed to some of you to die. For indeed, war will come, and so it must be to fulfill all righteousness. You must be prepared in the word to fulfill all righteousness, and all justice must be brought to its fullest completion. For I have told you there would be wars and rumors of wars. See in this year that lies ahead that which will begin as a war that will develop into a major war. But it is only a beginning. It is only that which is starting now. For already men have laid their plans. Already war counsels have been made against you. But fear not, I have overridden their plan. And, there is a way that I will bring you through, and it will cause persecution upon My church. For many, that is necessary. For they must needs be persecuted for righteousness' sake in order to be tested as vessels of glory.

Hear then the word that stirs mightily, for I have called you to be a people and yet you have continued to run to and fro with religious games. Yes, the world has piped and played a song and you have danced, but it has not been your God and your Saviour that you have danced unto. But you have danced unto the tune of religion. I say, come unto Me with all of your heart. Rend your heart, not your garments. Be real before the Lord your God. For the doctrines that have come into My church are seducing spirits of demons and they have led many astray to seek the god of materialism, many to call unto themselves their own power, and build their own ministry -- those whom I have not sent, and yet who use My name. I tell you that when they stand before Me, though they have cast out devils, though the sick have been healed, I will not receive them, for I have not known them.

You say, "Lord, in the church?" And I say yes, in that which you call the church., But I tell you, the church are the called out ones unto Me, whose whole heart is given with singular purpose -- those who are instructed by the counsel of My will to know what it is to believe; who know that faith comes by the hearing of the word, and that hearing of the word is within you.

Again I counsel you, do not listen to the outward beckoning of men, for another gospel is being preached. But hear the counsel of My word, that which is written on your hearts. Hear the counsel of My spirit that directs you to understand the written word, and to hear the word afresh that comes even by My Spirit to teach you all things, to counsel you, to comfort you, to strengthen you, to be within you your strength.

And many of My people are cast down because their eyes have seen the outward and they have believed a lie. That which I have not sent, I will not bless. And I will begin to tear down the kingdoms of men even anew and afresh. For yes, where judgment has begun and some have been removed, there will now be in the church the judgment upon all. Not just it's leaders, but all who have chosen to follow the doctrines of seducing spirits. For I will give them over unto their own ways. Their ways will grow more and more in flesh. Immoralities will begin to arise among them, and there will be those of the world who will know they are not My children by their very behavior. And yet they who have been seduced will be given over to all manner of evil and fleshly desire, saying, "It is God that has freed us." And I will make them a shame in the earth. And some you know already and you can name by name where you see this happening.

I speak to you! It is a season now in which you must come with a clarity and with a whole heart before me and be sure that all of those things -- the sin that comes against you -- are being put off for My sake. For I have made you My righteousness; I have called you unto sanctification that there might be a cleansing that you body might by holy.

And yet many of you continue to interpret the word in your own way, not heeding the counsel of My scriptures. You eat what you will, taking into your body that which seems good unto you and all the time eating death, shortening the days that have been given to you. I tell you, it is time again to hear the word of My counsel, for would I change, would I give counsel to My children only to change it later? For I am He that changeth not; the same yesterday, today and forever. Hear the counsel of My word for your body, for what you should eat and what you should not. And let not those who instruct, those who by the media give the direction of what should be taken in and what should not. I tell you, your God has given you a body to be preserved, for it is My temple, saith the Lord, and do not share it with the unclean, but keep your temples pure.

I have come to speak to you this day out of a heart that grieves; a heart that grieves for a people so easily deceived, so easily led astray into the counsel of man and of the false god of this world. You must needs come again and understand it is by My blood, the blood of the Lamb that you are able to overcome. It is by My word within you, the testimony that is in you that you will overcome this world.. And it is deep within you, that desire to lay down your life. Your soul life, your outward life; but even the physical frame, if need be for the kingdom of your God.

I say, repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. And you must see that in the year that lies in front of you, there are the beginnings now of a political disaster. There will be war, and you will see it in many places and eventually upon your own land. And then I say unto you, the false god of mammon that you have bowed down to will crumble beneath your very fingers, and you will see the economy stripped from the world. Your nation will come to a place in which it no longer rules supreme throughout all of the earth. But it too shall bow it's knee, and in the midst of surrender, many will come and know that I AM God.

And when it appears that the nation has almost come to an end and that there is no hope for it, I will arise in the midst of My body. I will make them victorious warriors, and I will send them out to do mighty deeds in My name so that they may overcome in the midst of a nation that has been overrun. And in their overcoming shall they rise up again, and many, out of the difficulties of the days that lie in front of you, will come to know your God.

It is not the way that you would have done it, for I have sent you to be My witnesses, and yet you have turned to your own way of witnessing -- your external ways of convincing with the mind, cajoling and bringing condemnation. But I tell you I will draw, for I have put it on the hearts of those that will be saved, the drawing of My Word, and by the difficulties that are about to come. When they see things falling around them that they have worshipped, they will come. Their knee will bow before Me, the only all-wise God, the Everlasting Father, He who is the Prince of Peace. I tell you, your God who rules within you will rule over all the earth, and I will usher in a kingdom; a kingdom of priests that shall be of worship unto me, and prophets who will hear the name of the Lord and proclaim once again the clear counsel of their God. And all those who will reject will surely perish, for My Word that dwells within you, even in your mouth, will begin to speak of the things that lie ahead.

Let not your heart be troubled. See that you are not afraid, but hearken unto My voice and draw nigh unto me that you be a people who no longer are led astray by every wind of doctrine and supposed truth. Be led in the plain path of My righteousness and My hope. For I have a faith to put within you that will bring about a love that men cannot resist, for it is love that will cover a multitude of sins. And faith worketh by love.
So I say to you, this coming year is that year that I have geared you for that you might be prepared to be put into action as instruments of My body, My righteousness, My will. And I send you; yes, I send you as lambs among wolves. But fear not the wolf, for the Lion of Judah reigns within you as supreme. I send you out to overcome this present world situation and to continue to occupy, to watch, to pray, for these things will usher in the coming of your God.

I am not speaking of great tribulation. I am speaking of the days of sorrow that have already begun, and will begin to accelerate even in the year that lies in front of you. If you can hear My voice, then turn to Me. Repent of all that which you've given yourself to, and be called to the place that I have planted you, where I would have you to be. Forsake the teachings of men which are nothing more than the doctrines of demons, that I may teach you a word in due season that will be life and meat to your bones and to those around and about you. For ye are My body, and in you the hope of My glory reigns, so says your God."


But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear. I Pet 3:15

 2005/7/25 16:27

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