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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Rick Warren's revealing comments

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 Re: Matthew 7

we should always be examining ourselves prior to correcting anyone else. But that doesn't mean we
NEVER correct, right? I'll be the first one to admit I make mistakes. But I do feel compelled to speak the Truth to brothers and sisters in the Lord that are following after Warren and his erroneous teachings. Go to the main willow creek website and they tell you how popular they are and how many thousands of churches are using their methods. It's
a very serious problem, and not one we should simply avoid and hope it goes away.

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Joined: 2004/3/1
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[url=]Good Review of Purpose Driven Life[/url]

this review covers alot of the problems regarding the PDL.

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The Netherlands


Purpose driven life was the first Christian book I ever bought.
I started with it and finished it (strangely I didn't lookup any verses as I didn't knew he had made references on the last pages..)

Before I read this book I already turned from my old ways (otherwise I would probably not have bought such a book) and I was really surprised that this book was such a hit. I mean, what’s so special about this book? I already wouldn't recommend that book to others back then when I finished it.

I used to say 'this book might be good for sleepy Christians'.. (I refrain from such statements now, but that’s what I thought)

I also recall finding his statement that 'your life will change' a bit weird. I mean, I was already changed by God! :-D How could he predict that every, reading this book will be ‘converted’? (into his thinking?) A pretty bold statement which really gets your ‘hopes up’ at start.

After that I started reading the Bible everyday.
Right now I wouldn't recommend this book, not for evangelizing and not for 'christians'.
There are some good things in this book, but I don't like the way he uses scripture taking them out of context and beyond its meaning at times.
That plus the things I simply don’t agree with.

Now the hard part.. after I turned to God I was the only one to go to church.
I've prayed for my family members and my sister returned to the Lord. My mom went back to church and my parents are even going together now!

One day my mom said that she would never set foot in church with my dad ever. Next week they where in church together and now they go to church every Sunday! :-D

Not long ago they decided to join in with PDL and are going to one of many church groups.
I heard from my mom that my dad said that he wanted to know more about Gods Word and wanted to study the Bible. I was like ‘wow’, because he never reads the Bible by himself.

I didn’t like PDL, but as it would start in our church and like everyone is following it I did pray that God may use it for His honour. Still while God did great things to my family I’m pretty worried about them.
The good points about PDL is that everyone gets together and talks about it with each other.
Thank God that the youth group I’m in doesn’t blindly follow Rick Warren and we do have good discussions and conversations.

My mom is very enthusiastic about PDL and says I’m to critical when I shared my concerns… She would pick Rick Warren’s findings above mine because he’s a more mature Christian. I’ve only been converted since around the summer of 2004.
Then she urges me to read the book everyday as its so good. (I’m also in a group for these 40 days period) If I read a day from RW’s book I would like to check his findings and statements including searching Bible texts. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to do this. I’m not to well in dividing my time, but if I have to choose to read Gods Word or RW’s book it will be the first.

While I’m not praying against PDL, I do hope that God can get the most out of it.
I’m still pretty worried about my parents, and continue to pray for them. Yea it’s cool to get together in groups and talk about things with each other.. but that can also be done without PDL on a church wide scale.

I prayed to God that Christ would be the centre of my family and my parents would grow closer to God and to each other. I just know that God is working in our family and I continue to pray till they are radical for Christ and not just ‘normal’ churchgoers which blend in nicely with everyone else.

I’m worried that my mom doesn’t see the errors in this book. She even interprets how RW meant things so that there are no errors! PDL is [b]not[/b] the Bible, having a lot people to read this book or a lot churches supporting it is also not the same as ‘fruit’. Just like having services where a lot of raised hands is regarded as fruit by many.

If we look at the story of Jesus being tempted by satan for 40 days, we see that he also uses scripture for his lies! As someone else wrote, satan is so subtle and did this trick before in the Garden of Eden.
Not all is negative though, the good thing about Rick Warren is that he does tell people to get into the Bible. RW's book will be put away when finished, Gods Word will not I hope. :-)

Hmm this message turned out a little long.
Just some things I would like to share...

JCGarc55, thanks for the link! I will read through it when I'm home.

God bless!

Jonathan Veldhuis

 2005/11/2 8:10Profile


There are some good things in this book...

Ah yes... and that is what is so subtle about false teachers. They mix truth with error. Benny Hinn has written some truth in his material, but mixed it with much error. Not everything that comes out of the mouth of a JW is complete error.

This is why these people's teachings need to be exposed. Especially in these days when most Christians spend more time reading the latest book to hit the bookstore than they do reading the Word of God. Thats completely out of balance. People will read straight thru a top selling Christian book... but when was the last time they read the entire Bible... if ever?

I rarely recommend a book to anyone. People need to be saturated in the Word of God... not books.


 2005/11/2 10:33

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Slice of Laodicea

SOL has many, many articles on Rick Warren.

If any preacher talks about self-esteem instead of Christ-esteemed, I turn him off. Unfortunately, many preachers are perpetuating this humanistic (YOU CAN DO IT) message that seems to leave Jesus out of the mix.

...then there's TBN...

Anyway, I have found that books by men must be a last resort compared to the very Word of God.

TBN - Circus or Church - Sad and Hilarious.

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 Re: Whats so dangerous about poison?

What is so dangerous is that poison is made up mostly of true components with only a very little bit of poison. For instance... Rat poison has about 99.995% inert (edible) components, the poison part is only .005%.

The point is that we need to know God's word and how to take what others write/say and bounce it off that standard (something all christians need to learn). If it doesnt measure up, we need to make biblical corrections to keep ourselves and others on the right path.

I think what I mentioned in another thread also applies here...

"We know for a fact that if we follow the bible, which has not error, we are secure in our salvation in doing so; BUT we are not assured the same authority or correctness of any other works (outside of the bible)... The NT warns many times to not heed “other gospels”, or "other messages"... Jesus Himself said “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” Luke 21:33.

Basically if the teachings of men contradicts the bible, we choose to hold fast to what will last forever.

For me and my family all the PDL/Rick Warren books have been thrown away. The bible has so much that we need to know, we figure why waste 40 days on lukewarm stuff.


 2007/1/21 11:32Profile

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