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 question it backwards

i don't post on this board. i think this is my first time posting. maybe second or third. but i do come quite often and just read. folks, i wrote a whole page to give a direction to where you could find a direction to thought provoking answer even on this website amongst seromns.but, i thought that might be pointless.
so i will try to answer this question backwards (and this also i got from a sermon i heard)

if one saved always saved, tell me if one condemned to hell, is one condemned forever? maybe we should think about this one before we dare endavor into whether salvation is secured for eternity or not
oh by the way, if you truly want once and for all solve this question, there is a guy very little known, who only got 7 sermons (mind you even John Piper has more sermons) on the website
his last name is Roberts. He answers the question perfectly

 2005/7/25 6:42

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 Re: question it backwards

hmmm... have to check him out.

 2005/10/24 9:24Profile

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 Re: question it backwards

Hello sb1175,

:-) Are you sure?

Small point perhaps, but under your member name you have a tally of 34 posts...

The search enging on the main page, (always a helpful function) would lead you to more than a few prior posts in this regards, try a search on "once saved always saved" or similar.

Mike Balog

 2005/10/24 9:35Profile

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