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 Tozer Quotation and Application


"I heard Tozer say something to this effect,' Just because a preacher preaches heavily on one subject doesn't mean he is unbalanced in his life. That is just what God is having him focus on.' When a preacher focuses on one subject [it] doesn't mean that is all he knows, it’s just what God is giving him to preach."

I just ran across this quotation on another thread and I just thought how fascinating that this would arise in defense of one who is highly esteemed and valued around here (Ray Comfort), but not in defense of one who might tend to get shunned around here (like Osteen, for example). Hopefully the source of this quotation could be verified, but either way it sounds like Tozer to me. And I think he's right on.

Can't this same principle apply to someone like Osteen, or is it somehow reserved only for those we like? I'm not talking about what some might consider his bad WOF or prosperity theology (although those might apply as well, come to think of it). I'm primarily talking about how he has been perceived as focusing on things like grace, accpetance, and love.

I don't mean to pour oil on some of the fires that have burned lately around here (and are hopefully out) concerning this kind of topic, but I just feel it's important to point out, and I'm curious to see what some of you think.

Don't you think this principle can be applied across the board, and that it is only fair to do so?

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 Re: Tozer Quotation and Application

I don't frequent these forums as much as I once did, so I'm now unfamiliar with the "environment" as some people have come and go (and thus the context of your post), but I'm going to agree with you on this one.
Most of us here subscribe to a wide range of preachers' sermons. For me personally, I'm a Paris Reidhead - David Wilkerson - Leonard Ravenhill - Ravi Zacharius kinda gal. :) So if the Lord has Ray Comfort focus on one thing and Osteen (who's that? lol) focus on another, we've got quite a wonderful balance happening. Coupled with our own Biblical study time, we're being fed quite nicely, I'd think.
I believe it's the believer who might make it unbalanced for themselves, by being devoted to only one preacher's teachings. Coincidently enough, we typically find "preacher obsessions" happening more with preachers like Benny Hinn and the like than with the preachers we find here on I might adore Ravi, but I don't subscribe only to his sermons.

Mary M.

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 Just a bad diet


What you say should be common practise but for many they would rather stick to one portion of the menu. There are many reasons, but I think more often than not the main reason is that they don't read the bible for themselves.

Hope you are enjoying marriage,

Zeke Oosthuis

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