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Matt 28 is not so much the relationship between the new convert and the 'teacher' but between the new convert and the 'Teacher'.
This is not teaching them to believe certain received doctrines but teaching them to 'obey' Christ's commandments...

Amen. That distinction is what I tried to bring out in my earlier post - I am thankful that you have put some flesh on the bones of that thought - thank you sir.


Daniel van de Laar

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However, I really, really think we need to be careful, because we need to have the Word of God as a foundation for our lives

Indeed, I assume all this in my concept of discipleship. Without the Word, exactly how would one be a disciple?


They need those 13 week classes to build their foundation, to give them an anchor for their life so they are not tossed to and fro by every wind and wave of doctrine

I don't think they need the classes at all. Never did the apostles form little classes to "disciple" the newly founded Jerusalem church. They simply broke bread daily with eachother, from house to house, and devoted themselves to the word. They shared their lives in Christ together, and as a result, people were established in sound doctrine and discipled. There is only so much you can teach somebody in an hour long class that meets once a week. Such will probably be insufficient in training the people. Being that the apostle Paul often founded churches, and then moved on within a couple months or years of him founding one, and was able to appoint some pastors in such a short time, something tells me much more was done then simply having class.

The means of discipleship that Christ has provided is the context of the local church, where each one, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, works towards building others up in the faith, to a mature man. A classroom setting will not provide much place for geniune instruction and application. There is a place for sitting down and simply listening to somebody speak on a matter, but if you notice a lot of the instruction Christ gave was often over the dinner table, or simply walking down the road, or watching somebody pay their taxes, etc. Part of true discipleship comes in observing the lives of other faithful believers, such you will never get in a classroom setting. Such is why you have plenty of scholars in seminaries who while they know many different doctrines, and sometimes in great detail, are but babes in Christ.

Jimmy H

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