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 A B Simpson: Wholly Sanctified

[b]Wholly Sanctified[/b]
By A. B. Simpson
Based on 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24

I wanted to recommend a book by A. B. Simpson called "Wholly Sanctified".

A. B. Simpson was one of A. W. Tozers biggest inspirations. I became interested in this book when I heard that the reason Tozer liked Simpson so much was because of Simpson’s writings on Sanctification.

This book has been life to my spirit! I will read it through and through before putting it back on the shelf, and then read it again. Simpson has the eloquence of a poet, the wisdom of a scholar, and the fire of a preacher! His use of illustrations is genius, and his vocabulary is impressive. This is a must for every Christian library.

[b]More about the Author:[/b]

Albert Benjamin Simpson was born in 1843. A major figure in American evangelicalism at the close of the 19th century, he founded The Christian and Missionary Alliance, established a publishing house, edited a weekly magazine, wrote over 100 books, pastored Churches, launched social ministries, founded a college and penned dozens of hymns and gospel songs. Of him, Dwight L. Moody said, "No man gets at my heart like that man." C. I. Scofield noted that Simpson "was foremost in power to reach the depths of the human soul," and A. W. Tozer declared that in his mouth "doctrines became warm and living." Simpson died in 1919, leaving a legacy that extends around the world.

 2005/7/17 6:43

 Re: A B Simpson: Wholly Sanctified

THE book "Wholly Sanctified" by A. B. Simpson is on line at.

 2005/7/17 10:09

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this is wonderful news. Many thanks.

Ron Bailey

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