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 Bibel Schools NORTHERN America with emphasis on Practical Theology

Hi, I was wondering if someone could recommend some Bibelschools which put some emphasis on practical theology.
Im looking for something in Canada or Northern USA preferably closer to or in Manitoba.
Also open for recommendations for Online Courses.
If someone makes a recommendation it would be good to know how the orientation is in regard to calvinism/armenism.

Thanks for any input

Also wonder if someone would recommend ISDET.


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 Re: Bibel Schools NORTHERN America with emphasis on Practical Theology

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I would highly recommend Gospel for Asia school of Discipleship.

Gospel for Asia School of Discipleship mission is to assist men and women to become devoted followers of Christ and fulfill the great commission by enabling them to know Jesus more fully and intimately through the careful study of God’s Word, along with practical teaching and training relevant to each individual God given calling.

Ontario, Canada campus:

Texas campus:

The focus is much on practical discipleship and living as Christ lived on the earth.

from the site:

"You can expect your year to be tough, because dying to self and carrying crosses are always difficult. But you can also expect it to be life transforming as you learn to imitate the pattern of Jesus’ life, little by little, step by step, walking with others who have the same goal."

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