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 Recommended Resource: Tribal Trails Books (Northern Canada Evangelical Mission)

Dear saints,

Here is a recommended resource to learn more about missions to First Nations people: Tribal Trails Books, a department of Northern Canada Evangelical Mission (

NCEM exists to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ among Canada's First Peoples.

Here is a selection of literature which may be of interest:

My Album of Memories
Leslie Garrett recounts his pioneer missionary experiences in Northern Ontario beginning in the 1920s and God’s dealings in his own life.

Late Dawn
Read of opportunities and challenges of evangelical outreach among Maritime First Nations in the 1800s, and those of the Northern Canada Evangelical Mission and others who’ve followed. From the beginnings of recorded history to present day, missionary Phil Welch considers why the Light of Christ’s love has been so long in reaching Canada’s Maritime First Peoples.

Journey to a Lonely Land
The birth and growth of the Northern Canada Evangelical Mission. Written by Bernard Palmer for the Mission’s 25th Anniversary in 1971.

From Dog Team to Wings
Join veteran missionary Ron Knightly as he recounts his life from childhood in rural Maine, to boarding school, to the Navy — where the Lord got a hold of him — to Bible school, and then to the mission field, where he and his wife, Marjorie, served among northern First Nations on the Mackenzie River, one of the world's largest waterways. You'll travel by boat, by dog team, and by single engine aircraft through some of Canada's most unforgiving terrain. You'll read of adventure, dangers, lessons learned, spiritual battles, and answered prayer.

Collie’s Corner: A Collection
Down-to-earth lessons from the life and ministry of Stan Collie, NCEM’s cofounder and first missionary

By Canoe and Dog Train
Missions history is much more than a collection of dates, events, organizations and names. It is the fascinating story of human struggles and emotions, intertwined with tragedy and adventure. It is the story of single-minded men and women, driven by a sense of urgency. Egerton Young is one of them. In 1868 he was pastor of a thriving Methodist church in Hamilton, Ontario. He and his wife Elizabeth were married in December of that year. Shortly after their wedding, they felt the call of God to serve as missionaries among the Cree and Saulteaux First Nations north of Lake Winnipeg. At a time when many Caucasian North Americans believed that Aboriginals were racially inferior, Egerton Young humbly exemplified Christ's love for all mankind, and respectfully preached His message of salvation. The publishers have kept the original text. By Canoe and Dog Train is Young's own account of the adventures, blessings and hardships he and his family experienced while sharing the Gospel among the indigenous people of Canada's northland.

A Southern Belle Goes North
In 1962 Virgie Mueller left the comfort of her home, friends and family in Oklahoma, and boarded a train to join her husband Russell over 2,000 miles to the north, in the remote village of Paint Hills (Wemindji) Quebec, Canada. This would be the beginning of a 52 year adventure as she and Russell, lived, ministered, and raised their children in a number of First Nations’ communities across Canada. In a factual, yet personal way, Virgie tells her inspiring story, of how through the tears and the joy, God directed their steps, and was always faithful.

The Bushman and the Spirits
The amazing story of how Barney Lacendre, a bushman from northwestern Saskatchewan, became a brand-new person. As told to Owen Salway.

Sacred Feathers
This biography, written by Donald B. Smith with the help of letters, diaries and sermons of Rev. Peter Jones, tells how “Sacred Feathers” came to faith in Christ and became a missionary to his own people—battling for their souls, as well as their rights.

God’s Warrior
This is a book about courage, perseverance, and commitment. This is what kept World War II veteran Ray Prince fighting hard for the freedoms and rights we now enjoy. God's Warrior takes you on a journey. You will be captured by Ray Prince's love for his family, his tradition, and his life on the trapline. You will also be filled with emotion for what he encountered in the residential school. In Ray's personal life you will discover commitment and a faith-a warrior's courage and commitment to his Chief, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Way He Chose
The autobiography of Arthur & Martha Tarry, cofounders of Northern Canada Evangelical Mission.

The Lonely Search
Doctors thought he would die but Albert Tait pulled through. Not just once but many times. Born in Northwestern Ontario, he and his family endured hardship and pain. Then Albert Tait met someone who told him how he could have peace and joy. It changed his life and that of his community. He went on to become the "Billy Graham of the North." Here is his story of transformation told in his own words.

The Biography of Owen Salway

Whiteman’s Gospel

We Sailed to America Before Columbus

The Conquering Indian

The Conquering Indian — Volume 2

Stories from the Elders

God and the First Nations

Baptism & Communion: Based on the Word of God

A Word of Hope for my Aboriginal People

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