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 Francis Chan to become missionary to Myanmar

From the latest issue of Charisma Magazine.

In November, Francis Chan announced he and his family will move to Myanmar as missionaries. The Chans visited Myanmar in 2019 and witnessed to many people with the help of a translator.

During the plane ride home, Chan said he and his wife concluded they needed to move to Myanmar to evangelize full time.

"I feel like I've been fishing in the same pond my whole life and now there's thousands of other fishermen at the same pond, and our lines are getting tangled," Chan says,"...What if I've heard of a lake that's like a 5-mile hike away, and no one's fishing it? And they're saying, 'Man, the fish are biting - just throw a hook in there and they'll go for it!'...If my calling is to go fish, and there's no one fishing over there, why wouldn't I go?"

David Winter

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 Re: Francis Chan to become missionary to Myanmar

Praise the Lord for Pastor Chan...but the reason no one is fishing the lake is because the game wardens kill the fisherman if they are caught.

Pray that God preserve him and his family while in a country well-known for fierce persecution.


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Amen, this is wonderful news.

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