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/How will you define goals of christian counseling, what general guidelines or conduct should there be./

I'm not trying to be a smarty or anything but I don't think the answer to that is so hard to come by. The goal of Christian counseling is readily apparent. One may say it this way or one may say it that way but the goal of true Christian counseling, minus humanism and psychology, is open and obvious. Savannah's post is packed with the goals.

David Winter

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I do recognize the need for counselors. I don't want to make it complicated. I am sharing some issues I know regarding this.

For example someone from our fellowship is ministering to a college student who has manifestations of PTSD. She attends another fellowship group who seem to be at a loss on how to help her. She is a victim of multiple sexual abuse.

Aside from PTSD, she seemed to be in the border of being demonically possesed or schizoprenic. Since her family has failed to support her financially for board and lodging and basically got tired of her, my friend let her stay at their house and provided finances for her schooling.

Now, PTSD is a lingering condition when she is in a florid state it can be so disturbing to the host family. It can lead to many sleepless night and very frightening to children. This is a very difficult case indeed.

Then there is a well educated man middle age, quite well off who is having deep personal problems, sleep deprivation, and paranoid tendencies, the family sought help ,now who would want to counsel a highly educated person.

There is issue of gender, issue of age, issue of social status, issue of finances, issue of venue of counseling or exorcism and so forth.

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These points are necessary in any serious conversation with leaders about counseling.

It's good to think through what makes a person "long term" as to counseling.
It's important to realize many people need short term/ encouraging sessions to get them through.
It's important to consider who is willing and believing to cast out devils when or if they are discerned.

Also some logistics need to be considered.
who can come at a moments notice to a crisis situation?
who can cast out devils?
Who can life-coach and who can help with short term issues?

You'll find that experience, knowledge, maturity, fluidity are obviously not the same in every willing counselor and surely not the same even among the so-called pros.

I think you will find the 'general call' to nouthetic counseling does concern every Christian within their sphere of experience and knowledge, but a special call which is a gifting and a drawing simultaneously, narrows the field quickly.

Those 'just-so-happened-to-call-at-the-right-time' scenarios you mentioned Dave really to point to the Spirit of God working in you to minister in such a capacity.

Please remember, just because you don't have skill in one area of counseling does not disqualify you from many other things...even the secular pros know this.

Truth is, counseling is still gospel-ing another person to trust Jesus, obey in doing the baby-steps, counting on God's promise to give wisdom to those who put faith in him to do so. This and much more.

For some folks the difference between healing and deliverance for a highly educated person and an uneducated person...notice I didn't say education in the educated person has always been a tool for their success and because of that, education becomes a barrier to them, not a useful tool. They are used to rationalizations and education working out their problems. Spiritual problems are not solved with either of these and the wise counselor is not offering more of this to the educated person.

Im sure you already know all of this. Be available brother because Christ wants to speak and minister through you.


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 Re: Counseling in the Body

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Counseling in the Body

The Holy Spirit intends to open a door of ministry for the whole Body of Christ. It is not merely for a few superstars to heal the few troubled ones, but for the sanctification and maturation of every member of the entire Body, done by Him, by all for all.

Our hope is to be part of training of the entire Body of Christ to minister. Some in the Body are especially called to counsel. When we speak of Christian counselors, we have in mind those Christians who have been distinctly called, gifted by the Holy Spirit to counsel, and who hopefully are being recognized, anointed and given that office by their pastors and churches.

I believe that you must have some training however.. MOST IMPORTANTLY AS LONG AS THE HOLY SPIRIT RECOGNIZES YOU..
You should be vulnerable and teachable and move under the anointing of the HOLY Spirit and always be in a place of understanding.
As a retired counselor I still counsel biblically but only when burdened and led by HIS HOLY SPIRIT.
In Jesus
Sister Frannie


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