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 Christ comes into you and becomes your very life.

Look what Andrew Murray wrote.

"A man may come and give me $10,000, and so be my helper, but there is no further union between him and me. The man may be a great benefactor, but there is no organic union between him and me. I may never see him again. Many people look upon Christ as such a separate, outward Savior. They never can fully enjoy His salvation. I must believe that even as Christ is in heaven, so He is here in me. His branch. He comes into my inmost life. He occupies that life. He lives there, and by living there He enables me to live as a child of God. Some think that when Christ dwells within us He comes somewhere in the region of the heart, and He lives there. We are two separate persons, Christ one and I one, and somehow He works in me at times. No! That is not the way. Christ comes into me and becomes my very life. He comes into the very root of my heart and being. He comes into my willing and thinking and feeling and living, and lives in me in the power which the Omnipresent God, alone, can exercise. When I understand this, my soul bows down in adoration and confidence toward God. I live in the flesh, the life of flesh and blood, but Christ dwelling in me is the true life of my life."
Do you see that Christ and you are one? He abides in you and you abide in HIM You are infused in Him - He is infused in you. He is your ONLY LIFE! He is your continuous - never ending life now this very second.


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