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O procrastination,
The mechanic of the devil,
The installer of the statement " l will do this or that" never would do it,
That asserts and answers "l am coming" and never would be found there,
This quiet white lies, from the pit of hells,
So it stains the conscience,
A man of indecisive character is procrastination,
Your people called it " the thief of time",
Indeed, that's why it is of the devil,
That stubborn and terrible human nature,
Trying to creep in to render useless the saints,
O what a life of lies, Mr. Procrastinator,
It stains the truthfulness of a saint's white garment -- Black!
It is that stinking fly that spoils the oil of apothecary;
Let it not again be mentioned among us;
That nature in opposite extreme to exaggerations,
They are twin in the same sinful state,
Let us as becometh saints desist from it,
It truly destroys character,
And leaves you untrusted and in unseriousness!

I fear it so much when l begin to see it,
So much trying to appear from within,
I say this but l don't do it,
Watch it -- the devil is building is mechanic workshop,
As becometh saint, true lover of Jesus,
Go and destroy that enclaves of thy enemy,
It's the enemy within doing this,
Mustering it's sinful array,
To corrupt the true new creation man in you,
Be watchful at all times,
Let your words be guarded and uttered by Jesus' Spirit,
Your nay be nay, as your ye must be ye,
For every word you utter, you shall give account on judgement day,
It's no faith to say a word you're not sure of;
Be a man of few words, slow to speak, but swift to hear,
For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh,
I now repent; Let all who are convicted along with me;
Now say together " l repent, Lord"
Never will l use words carelessly again.
Therefore turn and return to the control of your Lord and Master JESUS CHRIST!
Saying along with me, CONTROL ME AND MY WORDS!

~ A poem of repentance written by Charles Okotie. ( Smoothstone)

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