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19th January

''And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt.''

The venom of death is in every sin; every sin enfangs or empowers death: so, the removal of sin, is the death of death. In God's eye, every sin is an affront on Him. Inherent in every sinful act, is that poison that first embittered God against our first perents, turning them out of the door of paradise, to go and toil for bread. Man's way, is to look upon sin and get low for its magnitude and horrorfulness: the presence of sin throws thick approne betwixt Man and God--it is not a small thing for a man to have sin in his bosom! God is angry at nothing but sin. If man must conversate with God, then sin must be removed. How does God deal with sin? By the blood! He eyes the blood; He looks for the blood--man looks at his own sin and labours to have it removed, but God looks to see the blood to stay His Judgement. One drop of this blood of our Lord can bleach a lake of sin within a split of little time. The blood has satisfied and silence justice: justice and mercy have signed a truce with the ink of the blood of Christ, the patchment whereon this peace agreement is signed, is the heart of man. By the blood, the enemy's mouth is shut up; no more condemnation. God needed to see just the blood, here it is--the blood of His spotless Son. Because of the blood, we look not for judgement again but a royal welcome in time to come. Our forgiveness is the crown on the head of His blood; if there be any sin that His blood cannot attoned for, then His crown is cast off His head and His throne is now a-tottering. Brothers, it is a blasphemy to imagine that our mortal stains by sin can defy the blood of Christ: Christ is no Christ, if there be some sins that His blood cannot blot out. Where God sees the blood, from there He stops His host from matching against such a place. The angel of death--eternal exspiration, dares not swing his sword, wherever he sees the blood. Come now, you who looks to be made right with God; and have all your sins forgiven you! Say not: 'My sins are grevious and fretful, how shall its stains be ever removed?' Come, for the blood is for all sins! The blood is for you: see your name written on the vein that conveys it; see your name on the bottle stretched out to you. Your forgiveness enthrones Him; you are the prize of His blood. The blood of Christ is yours, ever yours and will never abate in its efficacy in removing stains stains! Come now! Behold the blood! Plead the blood on your stain; point satan to the cross; look the angel of death in the face a say, 'Is it lawful for thee to draw thy sword on him whom the blood is seen?' Dare to look at conscience tell it, 'Be quiet, see the blood, hear the blood: it speaks my aquittal!' God ungods Himself, if the blood of Christ can no longer secure forgiveness from Him. God breaks His truce with Christ if cleansing from sin is no longer by Christ's blood. Oh! let us bring all our dirty garment, stain by sins to this pool of blood for a bleaching and washing! Stay no longer in sin and despair--come and be forgiven!

Ojoje Adeyi

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