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 Message from Ben Torrey (Prayer ministry for North Korea)

Dear Friends,

We need your prayers! Please pray for the Three Seas Center construction design work ahead of us.

Over the past months we have been asking your prayers for new design work and permits needed, specifically the Community Village portion. We have just learned that we need to completely redesign the whole Center, not just one part. The original design, which was the basis for the existing permit, is over ten years old. Laws, building codes and our requirements have all changed in that period. We are no longer able to get by with minor changes. This requires a lot of work with our architecture firm, Archiline, providing us with new architectural plans and our engineering firm, Kangwon Engineering, guiding the whole process. Archiline is an excellent firm. They have been working with us for a number of years and have shown us a great deal of patience. Kangwon Engineering is new to us. We are most grateful to God for connecting us with them to towards the end of last year. They went right to work for us in December, enabling us to get one-year extensions to our existing permits so that we now have time to do the redesign. They are proving to be an extremely valuable partner. They have informed us that the process for gaining approval of the major change needed (approval is required at the Kangwon Province level as well as with the Ministry of Forests) will require nine months at a minimum--that is if everything goes smoothly.

Even with this time pressure, we are excited at what God has already done.

Here is a picture of the site excavation done this past year to prepare for the Community Village construction.

Even though we are a long way from completion, God has been sending people to Taebeak to work with us and to prepare to share the love of Jesus Christ with our brothers and sisters in the North. We are working closely with Sunyanghana / Ignis Community in this work at our new Fourth River Cultural Research Center in Taebaek. Their input on the design is important.

So... you can see that we have a lot of work to do and not very long to do it in. My task, thinking through the design changes and creating specifications, is a big one; however, as I do it, I will be causing lots of work for everyone else! The people on the ground, dealing with daily demands and who need to prepare documents, etc. will be maxed out as well. Our dear brother, Ki-hun Lee, who moved from Vancouver, Canada to Taebaek to work with us, will be interfacing with our partner organizations and making sure we are getting all the right things needed to make my visionary plans a reality. Michelle Shim, who has been part of our Three Seas Community and my assistant for the past two years, will be responsible for all the extensive administration and communication work needed.

We all need your prayers! I have composed a special prayer in both Korean and English. We would be very grateful if you printed it out and used it as a daily prayer for this work. We'll keep you posted as we go along.

Here's the prayer for the Three Seas Center.

Thank you!

In Christ's Name,
Ben Torrey
The Fourth River Project, Inc.

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