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14th January

''For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.''

How crystal clear, from this scripture text, would every one see our Lord's single purpose for coming into the world! Nothing could shade more light on our master's reason for living glory into this valley of death, dearth and sorrow! This text, as it were, is His life's manifesto, yes, His magna carta. He walked, worked and lived within this perimeter: His energy, and resources were spent on seeking and saving the souls of men. Whilst others pursue riches, fame, name, place, food and fleshly interests, our Lord donated every drop of His blood and swearth to seek in order to save lost humanity. He strategised how to reach souls in bondage to sin and satan. Nothing was too low for Him to do; no position was to annoying for Him to condescend to if only He could save souls: ''He recieved sinners and He ate with them.' Sinners and publicans--society outcast--drew near for to hear Him: He was found amongst sinners, for He came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance. (Luke 15:1-2) A clear-cut purpose like this must be in all followers of Christ; if any confesses that He knows and abides in Him, the same must walk, yea, work as He did whilst He lived here on earth; for He has left us an example to follow. Would thou know oh saints, that none have right to declare that he is a follower of Christ, if his chief design in life is not to seek and to save sinners? Would you know or preacher, that if sinners' salvation is not ever and always in your eyes, you are but a stranger in His vinyard? If the young man Absolom be not safe and preseved in every of our battles, sermons, and gospel labours, our king would count all lost, and we should cover our face with shame therefore! Nothing is good, if its chief design is not the souls of men. If we annoy and trouble these pearls in God's treasury, we shall smart for it. This is the soul and life of existence! It is not a crime not to be wealthy; God would not cast His frowns on any for being sick: but He sure counts him a rebel and a pain, who seeks not the salvation of the souls of men. May all, whom His blood has wahed, arise today to seek and save the lost! Amen

Ojoje Adeyi

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