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 Revival Hymn

Does anyone know where I can get the "Revival Hymn" compilation without the music? I first heard it at a mission team boot camp with the music in the middle cut out. I love the preaching part, but cannot agree with the music part (nor do I believe these preachers would). I would like to be able to play "Revival Hymn" for my friends and recommend it to others, but I cannot as long as the music is there. Is there some way to take it out? Or is it already available without the music somewhere?

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 Re: Revival Hymn

Hello malaylalay,

So glad you got to hear it...period. Being that it was put together as a compilation, it is outtakes taken from messages on this site. If you want to listen to the full sermons, try this link for starters:

[url=]revival hymn sermons[/url] A couple of the main messages this was derived from are mentioned there and you can look up the sermons from there.

Here is a link to one of the messages from Ian Paisley:
[url=]Revival Possible and Actual[/url]

Mike Balog

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