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Discussion Forum : General Topics : I love the positive spirit on this forum

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Santa Clara, CA

 What a heart

Lahry, Lahry, Lahry...

That the Lord continue to fill that wonderful heart of yours. I couldn't begin to go through this and dissect and do the disservice of commenting, all of what you have said here.. it's just your honesty, so incredibly endearing. I am so thankful that 'we' found [i]you[/i]!

O.K. just a little digression:

SI = Spirit Involved.


Mike Balog

 2005/7/16 9:05Profile

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 Re: What a heart

Im so glad someone started this thread. Maybe Billy Graham is right. The world is so messed up with multifocal points that its probably best to focus on that which does not divide.

Personally I feel that any kind of "correction" should be given in fear and trembling and much humility. Truth must be shown with love. Truth without love is very harsh. However, love without truth is not truth at all.

 2005/7/16 11:10Profile

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KrispyKrittr wrote:
All theology and no fellowship... I dont think we're called to that extreme.Krispy

I don't even think Jesus was all theology and no fellowship, matter fact he was into a lot of fellowshipping the religious people of that day (the Pharisees) didn’t like, or understand Jesus fellowshipping with sinners, tax collectors, prostitutes, and people from different walks of life needing healing etc. In fact they condemned Him for it. (Mark 2:13-17)

You know we often have we missed the Lord by being judgmental and fault finders? There are so many hurting people in the world that have been beaten up by religion and religious people. What I mean by religion is the man made rules and regulations that hinder people from being everything God wants to help them become.

Religion tries to mold everybody into the image they think they should be. Has God not given the commandment through Moses that it is time to “Let my people go that they may worship Me!

We need to remember those words again. God wants His people to be free to be what He has called them to be.

Just another MrBillPro Opinion and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of Sermon/Index but they might agree. Lol!!


Mr. Bill

 2005/7/16 11:34Profile

 Re: Crsschk

My dear brother in Christ,
Oh that I was all of that. You are very kind. But thank God and bless all mankind, there is One Who is ALL THAT. Oh should He take His hand off me, I would spew nothing but profanity and blasphemy. While I am so very greatful of your kind words of endearment, it is only because of Him that I am, whatever He chooses for me to be. Without Him, I cannot type a word. Honestly. If you only knew how many times I come here as parched as a west Texas horned toad. I come and I go because there is simply "nothing" "there". Sometimes I come empty, an then I read something and all of a sudden the spring starts flowing. But I can't take credit for that. It's all about Jesus Christ our Lord. To God be the glory, now and forever amen.

 2005/7/16 20:47

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